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November 12, 2013

Dear family,
Pday is on a tuesday this week, which means 2 things- we had another 8 day week, and there were transfers!! And I'm getting tranferred to serve in Buda!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll get to serve in the city, and I might even train there in January! 
So this week was really, really long, but it was very good. We had a late Halloween party on Friday for the ward, so my companion dressed as a Hawaiian missionary, with like a flower tie and a towel skirt thing. It was pretty good, haha. Also, we have an investigator who we found out is in love with McCurdy. Her mom basically told McCurdy to marry her and bring her back to America. Then they came to the party, and it was awkward for everyone, haha. 
The work has been going well. On the way to tracting one day, there was a pile of trash by the sidewalk, and it was on fire. I knew that our week would be on fire too.
We started ringing doorbells on the 10 story apartment buildings. It was my turn to try and call everyone and have them let us into the building- I called over half the numbers before some random guy let us in...
Next building- my companion rings the first number. "Hi, we're missionaries an-" "You're Mormons, right??? Please come in!!!"
We go in and find a family who used to meet with the missionaries like 3 years ago, and want to meet again (with the sisters though, darn). We leave the building.
Next day, we come back to the same building to start from the second apartment. McCurdy goes again- "Hi, we're missionari-" "Come right in!" Another family that wants to meet this week, haha. 
Also, there is a black guy from England who is staying in Miskolc for like a month for some reason. He reminds me a lot of Troy, except he's like 40 and has a British accent. A member kid on an american football team invited us to his practice to meet his South Caroninan coach, who is interested in why we're here. Kofi, the British guy came with us, so we talked to the coach, then just chatted with Kofi while watching the practice for a little while. Well during the conversation, I found out that Kofi was in the same ward as Brother Obeng in England like 20 years ago. Kofi even went to a few lessons to help teach Bro Obeng when he was investigating!
As for the actual work here, I think things will go pretty well, since most of our investigators were thinking of dropping us once McCurdy left... and he's not leaving! Also, I'm going to Buda!!!!! Wooo! 
And Lesa is coming this weekend, so I should be able to see her on Friday or something. Yeah!
Alright, have a wonderful week! Hope everyone is doing alright! 

With one of those families we found, their 3 year old son got his swords and shields out to have a battle to the death with me. It was pretty awesome. Then we got the cameras out, and he got embarassed and sulked back to his room

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