Monday, June 2, 2014

June 2, 2014

Dear family,

We had an interesting week this week. 
Right in the middle of the week, we had to go to Budapest for a leadership meeting, which lasted most of the day, then we had to drive to a city called Sopron in the Northwest corner of the country, because we had to give a baptismal interview for someone over there. My companion drove back to Győr that day while I stayed there with one of the other elders to work the next day. But because of all the travel time, we lost a lot of time out of the week. 
I've been feeling really weird lately. Sometimes I am really excited to go out and work and at other times I am just sooo exhausted. Maybe the fact that my companion convinces me to run with him every morning doesn't help, haha. I was really disappointed because we did have a super good day- successful tracting, several programs, and an investigator agree to baptism- and I was in Sopron that whole day! Haha

We have a loooot of interesting people here in this city, which is usually a positive thing. Everyone is really nice and helpful and they love the missionaries, and the other missionaries here are also pretty awesome. 
The work is going pretty well here, and it looks like it is picking up, too.

Győr is a really nice city, check out some of these pictures!

Well, some other interesting things that happened- we taught the Armor of God to another family and they loved it. We also brought them root beer floats, and they told us that the rootbeer tastes like medicine, haha. More for me! 


Last night, our district went to an "organ competition," which was one lady playing the organ for an hour in a huge catholic church. It was pretty interesting at first but got boring pretty fast, so we just left. 

Also, the birds pooped on our car, 

and our freezer is working too hard. 

Well, I love you all! Sorry we didn't have much time and this email might be lame. Oh well. 
The Church is true! 

Elder Young