Sunday, April 13, 2014

December 2, 2013

Dear Family, 
This week started out on a pretty rough note. We had a few days in a row of nothing but searching for people, which is always a great adventure. I find it funny that people are normally jerks only AFTER you've already been tracting for hours, haha. 
Which is fine, since with finding for hours does come the special opportunity to meet super interesting people! Such as a Bulgarian man who thought we were police, and a batman "expert" who explained all the connections between some old Hungarian king and the Joker's hair color or something. Maybe I just understood him wrong.
Also, most of our investigators have been super lame the last few weeks. But we've had some really good programs over the last week. A friend of mine that I taught in my greenie area accepted a baptismal date for January 4th! We might not be able to teach him very much, since he actually lives in another area, but I am really excited for him! 

One strange pattern that I noticed last week was that we went into each program with a good lesson plan, then either the investigator had a crazy good question that took us a different direction, or I magically forgot what we were talking about almost every single time, and just started teaching something random that came to my head. My poor companion had to just play along without any clue of what I was going for. But despite the fact that we ended having to "wing" most of our programs, they all seemed to be what the investigators needed, especially Ricsi, who accepted his bap date!

Also, we had a really cool Thanksgiving dinner with 2 American families who work for the army or something, so it was an awesome time! Of course, my comp and I had to leave for a program 30 mins after we got there, so we had to hurry and it everything in about 15 minutes and run to our lesson! Haha
At any rate, I'm grateful for a lot of things- namely family and the Gospel, and delicious food. And time, which I have none of! Have a great first week of December everyone! Christmas is upon us!


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