Sunday, April 13, 2014

January 20, 2014

Well hello family! Another pretty great week came and went. 
This week, I became a trainer! My new companion is Elder Driggs from Orem, UT. 
It's pretty interesting being a trainer. It's kind of like any other time, except I do basically all the talking in programs, and my comp keeps reminding me of all the weird things about Europe that I've forgotten over the last year. 
"WOW! The architecture here is so pretty!"
"Hm? Oh, yeah, architecture."
We had a great week set up for my companion to come into the country, but all the legit people ended up disappearing or forgetting or going out of town for a few weeks. And while we did have a pretty slow week with the people that we already teach, we've had some crazy experiences finding people! 
I took my companion out around our area to show him around, and we would stop people occassionally to talk to them. We found a couple really cool people within an hour, and after we went home, we even got a call from some lady we just barely stopped. She changed her mind, and wants to meet! Other people who got tracted into and talked with the missionaries a few months ago have been wanting to meet again as well! We even got an internet referral from a lady whose boyfriend is investigating in Massachusetts somewhere! (She wanted to meet until she called me and cancelled like 10 minutes ago.)

So, Elder Olsen found a sssuuuuuuppppeerr awesome guy in his first area, who ended up getting baptized not too long ago. Well, he was up in the city for work and came to church a couple weeks ago, and brought his friend who was cool, but  not too interested. But then the friend came to church by himself last week, and wanted to meet!
We met with him yesterday, and he told us about some crazy experiences he has had, including being in a coma for several days. Ever since then he has wanted to change. He sees how happy his friend has been and how much he changed since meeting with the missionaries and getting baptized, and he wants that too! He has been reading the Book of Mormon and some other church things that his friend had, and he told me that he wants to be baptized by the year mark of his coma (which was last April), so we set a date for March 8th, dad's birthday! We never know what kind of influence we can have on our friends. It's always good to just be there for them.
That has probably been the biggest news of the week- we haven't been able to meet with too many people, but we have been able to find a lot of great people this week. Most of our really progressing investigators also come back to town next week, so hopefully all the people we've found and all the people coming back will yield a really good week this time around!! 

Elder Young

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