Sunday, April 13, 2014

March 10, 2014

Dear Family,
This week went by pretty well, but the work here is a little slow. We had found a good number of new people, and but most people don't really want to hear much after the Restoration. That's what I love about the order of the lessons. The 1st lesson weeds out the people who wouldn't be legit anyways when we start teaching the cooler stuff. "Angels and visions and gold plates and getting answers through prayer? You people are nuts!" 
Then you get the other extreme where people don't want to stop meeting with you. There was a guy that we stopped meeting with about a month ago. I guess I could have handled the situation better, because he has been very offended since then, and let me know a few times that I'm the only missionary he's ever had a problem with. So that was pretty lame. So I guess I'm a bad person, haha. 
As for our other investigators, we brought a member to each lesson with another progressing investigator, and they are doing really well. I love having members with us, because they can bear testimony that must seem more meaningful than from  punk kids who grew up in this, and they actually speak Hungarian, which is super great. 
But even though a lot of our investigators are doing great with our commitments, most of them don't come to church! I even bribed them with an "American treat" of banana bread that I made for Sunday. Darn! 
Our favorite investigator is doing sooo good! He came up in his Ferrari this week, and drove us home. It was pretty cool! He's one of my best friends here in Hungary, and I think it will be sad when I leave Buda (which will probably be next week). 
K, that's all I have. 
Love you so much!


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