Sunday, April 13, 2014

March 18, 2014

Dear family,
This has been a pretty crazy week! We had a couple pretty cool events, like a big Zone Conference with a general authority. It was pretty cool! We talked about having the Spirit while teaching. It went well. 
We also were able to go on splits this last week! On Thursday night, we met up with the elders from Érd, and I went over there with a guy who is about to go home. He is a super hard worker, and we had a looot of fun! It was really cool because Érd was my first area, so I was able to see some people and places that I hadn't seen in a year! And I was able to sit down and go over old investigators and ward members to see who I used to visit a lot, and who might have gotten lost in the cracks! So hopefully some of my old friends might start meeting with the missionaries again! 
One of the best part of splits was when we split up, and we made it to our apartment, I realized that I had forgotten to give the phone to Elder Driggs! Haha. So the whole next day, those 2 guys had a whole day to work without a phone! Haha. 
Meeting back up at the end of the day was really nerve racking, because we had agreed to meet in Érd, but we didn't know exactly when they would come, or where to meet, so we just waited in the apartment... if something happened, they couldn't let us know. We waited till past 10pm until they finally made it! Haha. Then we took the train home, which means that we made it back around 11, and I was DEAD! 
Because of a change in the office elders, we got a 3rd companion for a few days, starting saturday. He's a super cool kid who is a convert of less than 2 years, and he is a really successful business guy. It was pretty cool to hang out with him and talk about his conversion and stuff. I'm sure he tells his story all the time though. That was super fun. We also had a really good program with him, and our investigator Balázs, and another member named Zsolt, Balázs's best friend. We had a testimony meeting, and Balázs taught me how to say a very simple prayer in Russian, haha. It was cool, Zsolt said the opening prayer in German, and Balázs said it in Russian. 
At church on Sunday, we had 2 investigators come to church for the first time! And one guy who used to be an investigator a few years ago came up to me on Sunday. "Will you be my elder?" Yes. He told me he wants to be baptized, which is cool. The ward mission leader told me he used to do and say some pretty nutty things back in the day though, so we're not sure. I've never actually met with him yet. 
On Monday, we only were able to meet with 1 person, who has normally been pretty hard to talk to, and is wonderfully stubborn. We were able to talk to her in more depth about baptism, and she brought up her biggest concern, and it was SO cool! I kind of struggled to tell her a solution, then after a bit, I just knew what to say, pulled out a random D+C scripture, and helped her find an answer to a big question! That doesn't happen very often. I also told her I might leave this week, and she figured so,  so she brought me a going away/birthday present- a scarf with the Hungarian colors! It's pretty awesome! 
This morning, we were planning on getting out of the apartment at like 4 to go up to Gellért Hegy, and get crazy awesome pictures of the sunrise. But when the alarm went off, my companion and I slept through it. Luckily, I did wake up to a text from someone at 6:28, or I probably would have slept all day. 
Well, we got our transfer calls! Our transfer is tomorrow, but Elder Driggs and I are staying for another one! We've been together for 9 weeks, and we might stay together for another 9!

K, last thought for the day- Have any of you seen the old 10 minute church movie called The Bridge? We watched it last week on Pday, and I hated it. But then I couldn't stop thinking about it all week. It's probably the most moving video ever. 
Yup, have a beautiful week. Legyetek jók! 
Elder Young

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