Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Jó Reggelt Vietnam!

I hope everything is going well at home. Things are going great here, I'm having a good time and I think I'm learning a lot. Probably not though. When we speak in Hungarian, I just guess how to say things, so I've been trying to practice conjugating verbs, but it's kind of humiliating for me because we're supposed to know like 20 charts by now and I still get stuck on the first present tense charts. But my vocabulary is impeccable, and I can understand pretty well what's going on when the teachers speak, and in lessons and such.
Also, whenever we have a devotional/fireside, we're supposed to take notes, but whenever I do, I never ever look at them again, as the speakers are kind of boring and it's almost always seems to be the same talk from different people. So yesterday, I decided not to bother bringing my notebook. Then the Prophet came in! Ha. Just kidding, but the speaker was really, really good, and I felt like I could really relate to every single thing he spoke about, and I DIDN'T HAVE MY NOTEBOOK. It was really sad. So everyone should learn from my mistakes. Sometimes church things are boring, but now and again, there are interesting talks, and because of this experience, there are things that I'll never remember that I could have learned from because I neglected to do something as simple as grab my notebook!
Another thing I learned this week: On Hungary (in Hungarian, you are "in" every other country, but you are "ON" Hungary... of course), a Mix 'n Mingle is called a Tingly Tongly. Hahahaha.
Funny stories- To practice our language skills, we teach lessons to our teachers in Hungarian. I have two companions to teach with, and both are hilarious. In one lesson, Erickson elder was trying to explain that Jesus died for us, but he accidentally said that he killed us... hahaha. Oops.
And in another lesson, we were teaching about commandments, and Jones elder kept trying to emphasize that we must always remember the commandments. But remember is emlikezni, and sing is enekelni, so he kept saying the we must sing the commandments! The teacher and I were the only ones who caught this, however, so we both started smiling, then Erickson elder saw us smiling and started cracking up. At the end, we asked the "teacher" to say the prayer, and he couldn't finish before busting out laughing! Haha. I'm grateful that our teachers are no more mature than we are. Also, for the next district song/prayer, we all sang "Keep the Commandments" in honor of Jones elder!
Well, I love you all.