Sunday, April 13, 2014

March 31, 2014

Hello! Hey! Hello! How is it going?
Have things calmed down yet with the move? Is there a new, permanent home? What's it like to live in Utah? CONGRATS TO JASON GOING TO TAIWAN!!! 
I don't have much time, today has been pretty craaaazy and we have no time! 
So last week, yes, I got the package!!!! Thank you!!! I also got the card today too, so it was perfect timing!! I also got a present or two from other people. One of our investigators gave me a really nice Hungarian flag scarf a couple weeks ago, and another investigator gave me a ton of chocolate and a Ukrainian hymn book! I don't know why, but I have one now! 
Also, the city of Budapest gave me a birthday present too! The new Metro line opened up this last weekend! It's awesome, you walk into a big, green spaceship on one stop, and you end up in some crazy kryptonite cavern on the other side of town. I don't know, it's a pretty cool experience. They opened it up for free for the first few days, and there were soooo many people down there taking pictures and stuff. Pretty exciting! 
Also, our hot water started working too! Yes! It had only been a couple weeks! 

Other things that happened last week- we went on splits with the Zone leaders. I spent the day with a guy named Elder Christensen, and we had a blast. Tracting for hours is not one of my favorite activities, but we made a good time out of it, and met some pretty cool people on the street, too. 
Then we got to eat dinner and hang out with the zone leaders and another friend of mine in the same city, which was nice. 

The next day, we had district meeting. The lesson I gave was on "feeling and responding to the Holy Ghost," and so we had an object lesson- I had the mission president stand with his hands over his eyes, and someone threw a nerf ball to him a couple of times. When he threw it, he'd say, "Catch!" and then President would have to try and catch it with his cat-like reflexes. At the end, once he was pretty familiar with catching the ball, he got a piece of candy thrown to him instead. It was pretty fun. Then we somehow tied that presentation into a lesson. While talking about how to explain what the Holy Ghost feels like, one of the senior couples brought up a good question for investigators: "How did you feel when your child first said, 'I love you?'" and that feelings like that are very special and personal, and are from God. I liked that example a lot.
Well, this was a pretty exhausting week as far as the work goes. One night, I sat down on my bed right when we got home, and I woke up in the middle of the night with my whole suit on. I felt like the greenie from the Best 2 Years, haha. 
Some exciting stuff happened this week... we had an old couple in the ward invite us over, and they taught us how to home-make nokedli, a kind of noodles that is really, really good.
One of our investigators bought us each our own deck of Hungarian playing cards, and wanted to teach us how to play Hungarian games, which was cool. Also, last week, she told us that she wanted to get baptized before she ever even met with us, and told us that since it took so long for me to call her (she had been going to english class for a few months) and because of "other things" she doesn't feel as close. We told her that we want to help her get close, and asked her to consider a date as a goal for baptism. The next day, she told us that if we would finally let her teach us her game, she would accept the date... I don't think it works like that. So we are making sure that she wants to make changes and come closer to Christ for realsies, haha, but she's super funny. 
Well, we are trying to work hard and have fun out here. I feel like we are working harder each week, and it's cool to see the results, since we are having more people coming out of the woodwork! Although I've been here for like 5 months, I would be really sad if I leave next week... which is when our sisters go home... yikes!!!! 
k,  I seriously have no time. Love you aaaaalllll,
Elder Younger

1. The Hungarian translation for John Locke's "A Treatise of Two Governments" with my friend Ricsi.

 2. A Hungarian window.

 3. Me on splits with Elder C.

4. Tracting in cool places

5. Us with the main guy who translated the BoM to Hungarian (The Joseph Smith of Hungary). They also taught us how to make nokedli (and he's still undefeated at the stick pull).

6. A guy and his lady friend, we teach. The man is a pretty interesting fella (you can ask Jason for details).

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