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December 10, 2013

Dear family,
This week was AWESOME! 
We started off the week really well with a lot of tracting and found a good number of people throughout the week! The coolest person we found was a lady named Virág (Flower), who is like 35 and married with 3 kids. When she let us in, she looked super surprised like she knew us, so my first thought was, "Yes! We ran into someone's old investigator!" but when she let us in, she told us that she didn't know anything about the Church and was really interested! So we introduced ourselves and told her more of what we believe. Then she had us back like 2 days later and we gave her a "Marmon Bible" and she was really excited and wants to keep meeting! So I'm really excited about her, and the other people we found, too. He found 3 other people that same day, and a few other similar miracles throughout the week.
One funny find we had was a lady my comp found a few weeks ago while tabling (where we stand at a table that says FREE ENGLISH CLASS on one side, and I'M A MORMON on the other). They talked for a while about the Church and the lady said she would be interested in learning more. So after a couple failed attempts to meet with her, we finally met her yesterday. I don't know what my companion had said to her before, but she talked to him about needing work, and thought that this all was some kind of job opportunity. She obviously doesn't pay attention very well... I wouldn't have hired her anyway.
We also saw a really cool comparison between our 2 english speaking investigators, Peter and David (who Lesa helped us teach). We taught them both the Word of Wisdom, right after the other. 
When we taught Peter, he was pretty annoying, not really open to what we had to say. We'd talk about no tea and he would say, "You know, there are tooons of studies that say that green tea is really good for you." Well, it's either from a prophet of God or not. "Listen, we're all a part of the universe." I love the guy, but he's kind of a punk as an investigator.
Then we taught David, the British guy. He also had some objections to what we had to say. "I don't want to sound like the stereotypical Englishman, but I need my tea. This one will be really difficult to observe." But he accepted that if it really was from a true prophet, then he would observe it, especially after baptism. He also accepted a challenge to keep it for 2 weeks, as well as come to church regularly, when his work allows it.  So yeah. David is awesome. 
Also, I got your package this week, as well as grandma and grandpa's yesterday! I got so greedy, that I opened it all right away. While searching through the contents, I found some popcorn and was sooo excited and told my companion that I was going to make some!! Then, realizing that our microwave blew last week and we don't have one, reality struck very painfully, haha. 
The other night though, my comp and I got into the big gum pack, and I realized that I hadn't chewed mint gum in over a year! I had missed it so much, it kind of brought tears to my eyes. It was a great experience.

Something else to throw in a twist to the week- This week is transfers, and so they had to call a new office elder like 4 days early to train him... which means that his old companion had to stay with someone else... and that someone else was us! So we have had a threesome companionship from Saturday until tomorrow, and it's been really weird. The new guy is pretty irritating to be around, especially so when he first arrived. Things have gotten better, but maaaan, it's been a struggle. 
But it's all okay, because transfers will be tomorrow, and I'm staying here, with a new companion!!! His name is Elder Olsen, and I have heard that he is shorter than me!! Woooo! 

Well, this will be a great week for sure. Gotta go though! Love you allllllll! Bye, have a good week!



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