Sunday, April 13, 2014

February 18, 2014

I'm emailing on a Tuesday again because there was another transfer! But nothing is happening with us, but I guess I'm be the new "District Leader." So exciting! I get to see everyone's numbers now.
This last week was pretty slow. Last monday, we went to the stake president's house, and ate dinner and gave a spiritual thought to their family. I tried to base the thought off of the Title of Liberty lesson Elder Rogers did like 15 years ago, so we brought an old white shirt I had, and my companion put it on and ripped it. Afterwards we had everyone write down important things to remember like family, friends, covenants, etc. Then we fastened it on a broom stick and had one of the kids wave it around the room, haha. it was really fun!! 
I got sick on Tuesday which was not super fun. On Wednesday, we found a list of members in our area whose names we didn't recognize, and "accidentally" tracted into them. We found a cute old couple who were super awesome and fed us. They are active, we just didn't know their names. They want us to come back to their house this week or next to teach some of their family members. They also want you all to know that "there is an old couple in Hungary that loves your missionary very much." How nice! 
Also, my scripture case is a little cloth sack with Santa on it, and I told this elderly brother that I love Christmas and I always want to keep the Christmas Spirit with me, so on Sunday, he gave me a brand new tie with snowmen on it, and it sings and blinks! Haha. 
On Thursday, we had interviews with President Smith, which was really good. Apparently I'm doing a good job training, because I get to stay here with Elder Driggs for an extra month! 
I also had a good friend come and visit. Ágoston, the kid from my last area who wrote you the email for Christmas, came to our Advanced English class, so it was really fun.
We had a really good Zone Training on Friday about teaching clearly. Then 4 of us went to our favorite member-owned Mexican restaurant, and some random guy who used to live here randomly paid for all of our lunches! Happy Valentines day to us! 
On Saturday, 2 different investigators took us to both lunch and dinner, which was super awesome too! At the beginning of the week, we planned to make 3 or 4 different Hungarian dishes, but we've been fed so much that we weren't able to make all of them! 
The Bishop's son also got baptized on Saturday, and the chapel was full of his classmates and their families! Then we met with Balázs, our friend getting baptized in April, who is doing super well!

Sunday was the craziest! After church, we went to eat lunch with some lady from English Class. We go up to her house, and it looks like a huge, deserted mansion. We were sure we had the wrong place, but unfortunately, she came to let us in. Her dog, right at her heals, looked like it was about to die. I felt so bad! It was bloated to the limit, and apparently had been torn to shreds by her other dog. She led us into her house, that was full of weird, creepy paintings, and smelled like 9 people died there last week. She fed us some super spicy potatoe soup before the main dish of... Kocsonya. Please google this and try not to throw up. You can't! (It's jello made from pig fat, with random pig body parts in it. For example, our host got an entire foot, including the hoof.) For dessert, we had some kind of delicious pudding. Towards the end, she told us that there was both alcohol and coffee in there. I got pretty irritated at her, because she knows that we don't consume alcohol or coffee. I also just wanted to get out of there, because it was the nastiest place I had ever been, so I took advantage of the fake call feature on my phone, said something in English to nobody, and told her we had to leave to "an important meeting." I don't feel bad about lying. It was just the alcohol talking anyway.

Well, things are going well here. Balázs, the guy getting baptized in April, is by far our coolest investigator. He has a long time before he'll get baptized, but we meet with him every day that he is in town (he lives in another city, but comes up every weekend, and will probably move here soon). He loves hanging out with him, and we have a good time. He and I have the same sense of humor, so we tell stupid jokes to each other all the time, and my poor companion doesn't know what's going on, haha. Also, he has a dirty mouth problem, so we are going to get him a swear jar, and we made him sign a contract that he will do it! Haha!
Our other investigators are being so lame! We just have to keep finding new ones! Haha. 
I'm glad things seem to be going good, with all the extra excitement of moving going on now! Yikes! 

Pray to develop your Christlike attributes today!
Have a great week! Love,
1. Armor of God lesson we gave a couple weeks ago. 

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5. In remembrance of: Our God, our religion, our freedom, our family, our friends, the Holy Temple, our covenants, Jesus. 

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8. Balázs with his contract.

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