Sunday, April 13, 2014

February 24, 2014

Dear Mom and Dad and family members and friends and aquaintances,
This week was a slow one for sure. For the most part, the people we met with were semi-interested, if at all, and the only people we could talk to while finding were already very religious, and would try to convert us to their religion too, haha. I think it's funny being a religious figure talking to other religious figures. 
"Hello, can we talk to you about our religion?"
"Ehhh... no thanks. But can I talk to you about mine?"

Or my personal favorite: "Hello, can we talk to you abou-"
"What's God's name, huh?"
I did hear some good news about some of my past areas though! That family that got baptized in Pápa is still going strong! And a lady I found in my last area is going to be baptized in April! 
Our favorite investigator came this week prepared for his lesson. Last week, we talked to him about having a clean mouth, and he signed a contract to pay a little money into a swear jar for this week. Well, he came to our program with 5,400 Forint, and insisted on paying it to the General Missionary Fund! Wow! 
Mom, I got your letter! I am going to look up Ági this week and try and talk to her. Fun fact, her address on the letter is right around the corner from where I live now. 
And I will have a letter sent to you guys soon, I'll try to get it done this week. Maybe I will include translations from the notes in the letter. 

And lastly, on our way here to go emailing, we were looking for an ATM. I saw a sign for one, but when we found it, there was a little bank that was still under construction. I asked out loud the big question of my soul, "Are you kidding me?!" Then some random lady who spoke English came up and asked if she could help us. She saw our nametags, and told us that she loves Jesus Christ. She agreed to trade numbers and wants us to meet with her and her boyfriend and talk more about the Church. Maybe she will try and convert us too! I'm so excited! 
I love you! Have a good week!

elder young

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