Sunday, April 13, 2014

October 22, 2013

Here is my update for the week:
It was a slow but good week this week. One day this week, we went on splits with the Zone Leaders, and I went with a guy named Elder Kreiburg, who is Danish, so you know it was awesome! 

On Friday, the sisters had an investigator who got baptized. She had been investigating for like 2 years, and while watching General Conference a couple weeks ago, decided to be baptized! At the baptism, our 11 year old investigator, Dani, pointed to the girl's name on the program and said, "This is where MY name will be in a couple weeks!" He's getting really excited for his baptism! His mom is also preparing for baptism, but has 2 problems: She is terrified of water, and smokes like 2 packs a day, so she might take a little more time, but it'll work out.
Also, because the MTC times changed, the transfer schedules/going home dates are also very wacky, so we have an extra transfer day 3 weeks before and after all the real transfer days. So tomorrow will be another one. My companion and I aren't going anywhere, but some people in our district are leaving! How sad! 

Also, my year mark is next week! Yikes! Halloween! Scary! Monsters! 
Yup, that's all. Have a beautiful week! 


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