Sunday, April 13, 2014

February 3, 2014

I'm so glad that the Seattle Seahawks won the Super Bowl, I have been rooting for them all along (ever since I checked my emails today and saw who played). 
Well I hope everything on the home front gets settled quickly and the house business can get over with, haha. I can only imagine how hard it must be to get everything going, but I'm glad that family and ward members are there to help out! 
Yes, we hear things about hastening the work all the time here. It's pretty exciting, huh? It's so much more exciting than just doing some missionary work. It's
 hastening! Hustle!! Take the initiative!! Where's your sense of urgency?? I'm glad that you are excited to do missionary work. I also hope that there will be missionary work to do when I go home. I was hoping to be able to go out with the elders in Omaha, so I wonder how much I'd be able to do in Utah. 

Well, as far as the missionary work goes here, it goes. The  work has been a little slow lately, but this week actually zipped by really, really fast. We had a lot of cancelled appointments this week, so we spent more time than usual searching for more people. We were able to meet with 2 people who are progressing pretty well, and one other guy is out of town with his member friend, so they went to church together there, and met together with the elders there, too!
Our investigators who disappeared over the last few weeks are starting to come back, too! Yesterday at church was really fun, because we went up to member after member to invite them to our programs this week. If all goes well, we should have a member at almost every lesson! We have been struggling lately with getting members to come with us, so I'm really excited! haha.

As for interesting stories, we only have a couple. Last week for P-day, we went up to the Máttyás Templom, which  is a big cathedral by the Buda castle. It was fun to explore around there, even though I've been there a few times before too. 

In the middle of the week, we met with an older guy at his house with his wife. The guy is basically a member, comes to church every week, but doesn't want to be baptized. I think he mostly just uses us to practice his english. Either way, he invited us over and they fed us a delicious 3 course meal- fruit soup, potatoes and sausage, and cake. Mmmmm.

Lastly, we had a little area book confusion. There is a record of an Argentinan guy that said that sisters used to teach him, but  the  elders took over the teaching a few years ago, and that he hadn't met with the missionaries in 2 or 3 years, but he seemed pretty cool! So we called him and met him on Saturday. I asked him if he remembers when the last time he met with missionaries was, and he said, " Ohhh... Wednesday." Apparently, the sisters had a record of the same guy, and they have been meeting with him for like a month already. But we talked with him for a while, and he is a really interesting guy. Halfway through the program he pulled out a little purse, took out a little comb and started combing his mullet. He also said "" at the end of every sentence. My companion got bored and started marking on his hand every time he said "no" and by the end, had over 150 tallies on his palm, haha.
Yup, that's all I have! Say your scriptures and read your prayers!

Elder Young

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