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November 25, 2013

Dear Family, 
This was an excellent week! After Lesa came last week, I thought there would not be much to look forward to until Christmas, or something depressing like that, but everything has been going pretty well, and even when it hasn't, there has been at least one thing every day that was absolutely hilarious, haha. Even though it's been rainy almost every day, the sun always seems to be shining too! Yay!
As far as the work is going, we have been able to find a good amount of people who are really interested! One of them was a good friend of mine from my greenie area, Ricsi, who moved to the city, so we've been able to teach him here! Another guy we met with for the first time was so interested, that he invited a big group of friends to hear us, although only 1 actually came. We also were able to help a lady get a baptismal date for December 21, but she said it could be sooner depending on some sort of back surgery. 
Also, sometimes we set up a table in different parts of the city and advertize the church and our english class and stuff. There's one certain spot where a guitar player sits right by us, and he's super cool, so we hang out with him every so often, haha. Also, all the drunkards respect him, so they don't yell at us as much when we table by him, haha.
On Tuesday, we met with a new guy, who was telling us about how he is a hairdresser, and why he works at some certain salon. "I work here because it's owned by so-and-so, one of the most FAMOUS hairdressers in ALL of Hungary. Have you ever heard of him?" I had no idea that a hairdresser could be famous, haha. 
By the way, I got little presents for Clare and Jason already, and I mailed them home on Tuesday, so they'll probably come sometime. 

On Thursday, we met a member of the 70, Elder Walker, who came in for a district conference or something, which was way cool. Then we went home and ordered pizza. My companion (who's ordered pizza pretty regularly over the last 3 months) didn't know the address, so we had to run down the stairs and outside to check, haha.
I think the highlight of the week was Friday, when I went on splits to another companionship for the day. We had to go to the Pest side of the city to help an investigator move back to the Buda side. We get there expecting to pack boxes into a truck or something, but instead he just hands us a few potted plants, umbrellas, a vaccuum hose, and a guitar stand and says, "Hey, see you guys at my other house." So we took all that crap on the bus, and through the whole length of the metro, haha. 
That night, we had an institute about eternal marriage (it's always about eternal marriage), and I fell asleep a couple times, and my friend Ricsi had to wake me up, hahaha. But then we had a THANKSGIVING DINNER! It was so good! They even had pumpkin pie! Mmmmm! 
On Saturday, during dinner, my companion showed me a trick he found out- if you yank the microwave door open when it has 1 second left, it blows a fuse in the apartment, and all the lights go out. But then the microwave broke, so now the lights just go out if you even turn it on. Dang! 
Also, on Sunday, we had the Primary Program!! I sat next to our British investigator, who didn't understand all of it, but he thought it was terribly hilarious haha. "That one little boy is quite the showman!" 
I also happened to get some good letters! I got one from Aunt Linda, and Clare! So maybe I'll respond one day. Maybe today, because we're going to have a relaxation pday today, just to write letters and stuff. I might also buy myself a cheap guitar this week or next, so maybe I'll learn something. 
Yup, it was a good week. I'll try and fit some good pictures in and stuff! Thanks for being great!

Parliament Building

Elder Hansen, helping the guy move

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