Sunday, April 13, 2014

February 10, 2014

Dear persons,

K we don't have a ton of time today, but I'll give you guys the run down of the week. It has been such an awesome week!!! Ever since I got Elder Driggs, things have been going so well I think.
On Monday, we went over to a family in the ward. The dad is American and served here like 10 years ago, and the mom is Hungarian, and so the kids all speak both languages perfectly. We had dinner and did the generic Armor of God lesson, and it went really well. I love giving that lesson to little kids because they go nuuuts! Then I gave them some sour gummy worms I got from Christmas and they went even more nuts! Haha. 

The lights went out in our bathroom, so last week we went to a lightbulb store, and I forgot the word for lightbulb. It was pretty embarrassing. 

The ward had a huge talent show night on Wednesday. It was pretty awesome! I'll send pictures sometime. 

We went to a restaurant this week that doesn't accept card. My companion didn't have any cash though, and I only had enough for myself, so he had to go across the mall by himself to an ATM to get money. It was one of the loneliest times of my life! Then on his way back, we found out that an LDS family was in the restaurant too... they probably were wondering why we got separated, haha. 

Then we met with our super legit investigator, Balázs. Last week, he had a dream that he got baptized in April, and he actually dreamed that my friend Ricsi baptized him, who he has never actually met. It was cool to introduce them on Sunday.
Balázs is super funny. I felt bad during church because I sat with him and another investigator, and I just wanted to joke around with him all during church. It was like being in deacon's quorum again.

Also, on saturday, some guy called me about our free english class and asked if I could help him translate some letter he wants to write to the Barcelona soccer team. I said I would try, and give it back to him if he came to church. He agreed. I actually tried really hard for like an hour, but it was such a useless letter (about the correlation between technology and skill in soccer games or something) and there was such big vocabulary and weird grammar that I only got through a paragraph that night, and it still didn't make much sense. He seemed sad that I'm not that good at Hungarian... but he came to church and set up with us for this week because he's interested in the church too! 

Also, after church, a really short senior elder I knew from my greenie area came up to me, and told me he was going home, and offered to give me his super nice suit for free... and it fits perfectly!! So, why not? Haha. So he'll leave it here when he leaves on Monday.   

As for investigators, we have one progressing really well, who will be baptized on April 19th (instead of March 8th like we planned). Another girl was on vacation and has been able to meet. She told us this week that she feel like what we teach is true, but she doesn't think she'd get baptized this year. She's scared of commitment and doesn't know if she'd be able to live like the members here. So we'll see how it goes with her. 
There's another guy who we used to meet with who is super cool, but he wanted to take a break for a bit, so I might call him this week or next. 
All in all, most of our investigators are doing well, and the ward is being very supportive too! Elder Driggs is holding up really well, and learns a lot! I really enjoy training him! 

K we are about out of time. Have a great week! Good luck in Utah! 

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