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December 31, 2013

Dear family, 
These last couple weeks have been sooo awesome!!! We had a 48 hour extended P-day from Christmas eve to the day after Christmas. On Christmas eve, we went out to a main square and caroled for a few hours! It was really fun. People kept coming up to us and thanking us for making their day, and it wasn't hard to stand out there for a long time, since it was like a good 6O degrees the whole time, haha. 

With our free time around Christmas, my companion and I went exploring throughout the city, visiting all the super touristy sites we don't get to see much as missionaries. The weather was super nice, so it was perfect for taking the pictures that I will send you!

Before and after Christmas, I also got a lot of cards and some goodies that I am extremely grateful for!!! I got an awesome package from G+G Young, and I got cards from a byu buddy, and Christian as well as the Burtons, and from the Geddes and Stone families! Please tell G/G Young and Aunt Lori thank you so much for the gifts!!

Yup, and on Christmas day, we went to a member family, and they fed us lunch and let us skype there! After skyping, they wouldn't let us leave, so we had dinner there as well! And we brought the giant Reese's cups for the dessert! Haha.

Friday last week, we had a few programs set up, and all of them spoke english! One person didn't show up, but we met with 2 of our friends and it went really well! I really like teaching in English. I feel like I can be myself more, and it's a lot easier to teach clearly. Both lessons went really well, and we could feel the spirit really strongly. And both of those people came to church, and one even brought her mom!
Church went extremely well on Sunday! All the talks and lessons went really well, and the members were making friends with the investigators! It was a really positive day! 
I don't know what else it is, but it also seems like whenever we go tracting or streeting, we've found some pretty legit people to talk to, and they are all between 25-35 years old and speak english. I think I might forget how to speak Hungarian in a few weeks! Haha. 
And we had a baptism a couple weeks ago! She had already been meeting for a year before I got here, and I wasn't even here when they set her baptismal date, so I really played no part whatsoever in her conversion, but I've included some pictures!
Things are going really positively here, hopefully it is going that way back at home as well!!
Love you all!
Sok szeretettel,
Elder Young
1. At the Christmas Zone Conference.

2. Our friend at her baptism.

3. Going crazy at the "Fitness park."

4. Waving the flag.

5. Playing chess on Christmas!

6. Reese's!

7. Me with Ágoston (who sent you the email).

8. More Christmas.

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