Saturday, July 27, 2013

March 26, 2013

Dear people,

Another week has gone by, as well as another transfer. I am officially in my 3rd transfer, which means that we got TRANSFER CALLS today!!! All this week, I've been feeling like I would be leaving Érd, and moving on to some other place. I said goodbye to everyone in both of our English Classes, and I took pictures with a lot of our investigators and some members, too. So the anticipation for my new area has been very exciting for me! And the results are.... Judd and I are staying in Érd. Not much excitement, but it's still good, haha. I'm still a greenie!

However, our new 11 sisters did come into the country this week, and since there are less than 20 sisters here already, there are a lot of sister tri-panionshiops, with a lot of double training going on, as well as newer sisters being put together. So things are getting pretty crazy!

As far as missionary work goes in Érd, things are going pretty slow. We only had 14 teaching appointments scheduled for this week, and 6 of those fell through. And Judd was sick all this week. I was looking at my planner from my transfer with Bracken... man, we had like at least 20 programs every week. Hopefully we can get things to pick back up again!

We also had Zone Conference this week. We learned that we are now allowed to email non-family members. We also got a lot of good instruction  from the mission president and other leaders, so that was pretty good as well. I got a candy bar because my birthday is this month! Yay!

Unfortunately, Judd and I only met 1 crazy person this week. 
Some drunk guy on the train asked Judd for the time, so Judd told him, "Három óra negyven (3:40)." He must have said it strangely, because the guy started grunting and shouting, "Negyven? Negyven?? Negyven! NEGYVEN! NEGYVEN!!!" and stumbling around before bumbling off the train. Super awesome drunk people are really funny.

Yup, well, that's all I got for you all. Have a lovely day.

Young Mitchell elder

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