Saturday, July 27, 2013

April 29, 2013

Dear family and friends, 

Not too much exciting this week. I went on exchanges for a day to a place called Kis Pest, with a guy named Elder Peterson. We had a full day of lessons planned to teach, but they all fell through, and we just ended up tracting the whole day! It was great! We also went on the roofs of 10 story apartment buildings and explored, so it was pretty exciting! 
Then we went home, and burned some fries, so the whole apartment was filled with smoke!! 

On Tuesday, Elder Judd and I started to work out with Insanity again. I haven't done any exercise in a few months, so I have been pretty sore and tired every day.

Also, last week, I bought some new socks with all the days of the week on them. Now I will never forget! 

Lastly, the weather has finally been consistently warm every day, so everything is turning green and it always feels good outside!! 

That's all. Have a great week!

Elder Young in Hungary

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