Saturday, July 27, 2013

June 3, 2013

Dear family and friends,

Another week came and went. Nothing really exciting happened until Thursday, when we took a trip up to Budapest for interviews with the mission president! We started off our trip by spending the whole 2 hour train ride behind a huge group of loud, obnoxious Germans, which was really fun to listen to. 
The actual interviews were really good though, and President basically told me that since the mission is getting so much younger soon (a lot of older elders are going home, and we're getting about 30 new ones this summer), I will probably have to start serving with elders from my own group in the next month or 2. It will be exciting!  
I also got Jason's graduation invitation, which was pretty cool! I guess I missed the actual party though... darn...

On Friday, we met with an investigator who is reading through the Book of Mormon. He is in 2nd Nephi, and had expressed concerns that it was very hard to understand, and must not be a good translation. I explained to him that it's actually just as hard to understand in English, then I told him the joke about the guy who had a BoM in his shirt pocket and got shot, but was fine because the bullet never made it past 2nd Nephi, haha. I think it made him feel better.

Saturday, we taught the Plan of Salvation to one of our investigators. She thought it was really interesting, but could not get herself to even imagine that there could be a pre-existance. It made me really glad to have that kind of knowledge available to me since I was very little, because I never really thought of it as something that would be impossible! Hopefully she will be able to think and pray more about it and accept it! 

That night, we also ran into a guy who used to meet with the missionaries. He was a really big guy, wearing a shirt that said, "Sex, Drugs, and Rock 'n Roll!" and he was pretty drunk. It was a pretty interesting, because most drunk people we meet are like 60, but he was our age, so we could actually talk about music and movies and other pop-culture things that the kids are into these days. For example, he asked if we liked Justin Bieber, and when we said no, he threw his hands in the air and yelled, "Yes! There is a god!" It was a fun little end to our day.

Well, Happy Birthday, Jason! I hope you got my letter! 
That's all I got this week. 

Elder Young

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