Saturday, July 27, 2013

April 22, 2013

Dear family,      

This has been a really good week. 

Last Monday, about 10 missionaries and I went up to a castle on a mountain called János Hegy, and it might be the highest point in Budapest. You could see forever around and it was pretty awesome! 

On Wednesday, I had an interview with the mission president. He told me that we doesn't want me in my greenie area anymore, because people who only know me as a greenie will slow my progress, because they will always think of me as the brand new kid who doesn't speak (which is very true, and really annoying sometimes). So I'm basically guaranteed to move to my 2nd area in 2 weeks! Yeah! 

On Thursday, we had a lesson that we wanted to watch the Restoration movie in, so we ran to the Branch House before hand and grabbed it really quick. It was a 15 language version... with no Hungarian, haha. I have no idea why it was there, but it just made for a funny start to the lesson, haha.

So there is an investigator family that we do a half english with the dad, then half gospel, and we meet with them twice a week. On Friday, we saw them, and the dad spent the whole English part talking about scifi books, and ancient Hungarian warriors, haha. He showed us book after book and explained all the history of Hungarian wars and stuff, haha. 
Then on Saturday, he took us over to a park and brought his huge traditional Hungarian bow and arrows, and we shot arrows in the woods, haha. It was super cool!! 

On Sunday, an investigator had us over to cook bacon and sausage over the fire. It was super delicious! You let the bacon fat drip onto bread until it becomes soggy and delicous. Man, it was the tastiest heart attack I've ever had!  
Then, after the appointment (at like 7) all the trains to Érd were super late, so after waiting like an hour and a half, we took a tram to Budapest to find a better train, only to discover that all trains to take us home were cancelled for no reason! There was literally no way to get home before 1am (it was about 10:30 by this time), and I didn't want to take like 4 buses to get all the way to Érd, haha! We were cold and exhausted, so we found some elders in Buda and crashed at their place last night and then took the train home this morning. It was ridiculous! 

Today, we didn't really do too much. We came back up to Pest to play basketball until everyone was starving, and then went to a delicous buffet and ate our hearts out! Now I am sleepy and emailing!

Well, that has been my week. Nothing too new or exciting, but very busy and fun! I'll try and send pictures. 



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