Saturday, July 27, 2013

July 1, 2013

Hello everybody,

This has definitely been a very good week here in Pápa! Last week was my first week with my new companion, and much of it was spent tracting and finding some interested people, and this week has been full of actually meeting and teaching many of them! 
One reason why I am so excited for new people to teach is because all the old people are really wearing me down, haha. A few people we have been teaching for a while love to just try and complain to us for an hour and blame everyone else for their problems, as if we can fix them. A lot of those old investigators are really getting on my nerves, and sometimes I just lose my patience!!!! Haha. 
Another problem I've encountered is the impulse to laugh during a lesson when something is funny.
In one program, the member we brought would always change the subject, and just talk and talk and talk about nothing, and whenever I would look at Elder Bebel, we would both crack up. At one point I had to pretend I had a bad cough and get a drink of water, haha. 
During another lesson (with a 22 year old member, teaching a 30 year old guy), I was not following the conversation, so I kind of spaced off for a few seconds. Then Bebel asked me to read "the verse," and I said, "Sure... which verse?" and everyone just busted up laughing for a good 10 minutes, and the investigator would have little random giggle fits every 2 minutes or so until we left, haha.
One really cool program we had was with one of our investigators, who loves the Baptist congregation here, and has been thinking of being baptized Baptist soon. So, while reading General Conference talks, just before we met with her this week, she had an extremely strong feeling that she needed to go to church, but didn't know WHICH church, haha. We had already planned on teaching her how to receive a testimony, and church attendance was the last thing she hadn't done already! She still wasn't sure if she would, but she actually ended up coming to Sacrament meeting this week (but left right at the end)! We will meet with her tomorrow and learn more about how the experience was for her.
And during sunday school, the Branch President gave a really cool lesson about missionary work, and made a raffle for all the members of the branch. Then he drew all the names, so one person was to have us over each week (he and his wife are the first 2 weeks... haha) and be prepared to give referrals to us (and possibly feed us)! 
He also gave us a branch roster, and we reviewed all the less active members and how we could help them back into activity. 
I think that the work in Pápa will be going really well in the near future! 
Either way, I'm definitely dead after this last week, haha.

Well, during the week, we've also had a lot of random little stories that I can't really fit here. Also, my camera works fine, but the computer can't recognize any files, so I can't send any pictures... :( 
Hopefully everyone has a good time at the family reunion! I hope it goes well! Safe travels!
Also, happy 4th of July! 


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