Saturday, July 27, 2013

May 7, 2013

This has been one heck of a week! Very busy and super long, but it has also been really good! 

Last Monday was my 6 month mark, so I may or may not have burned a tie on our balcony, which was pretty fun. 

On Tuesday last week, we met with a guy named Nándor from our English Class for the first time. I had given him a Book of Mormon almost a month ago, and so it was really cool when he agreed to meet with us. We started to teach him about the Restoration and the Book of Mormon, and he had already looked up a bunch of stuff about the church on the internet, and so he pretty much knew the whole Restoration story pretty accurately, and had read some of his BoM too. After talking to him for a bit, we showed him Moroni 10:4,5 and asked if he would be baptized if he knew it was true. To our surprise, he told us that he already believed it and would like to be baptized! So we set the date for the beginning of July! It was an awesome lesson, and he came to stake conference with us on Sunday, too! 

Also, on Sunday night, we invited Nándor and Ricsi, our other investigator w/ a baptismal date, to make some Rakott Krumpli with us at the branch house. It was an awesome program, and the food was also very delicous! We have some really cool investigators! 

Going back to Wednesday, it was the Hungarian Labor Day, so Judd and I just made some cookies for our English classes (he teaches beginner and I teach intermediate) and we just had a fun day, which was super awesome! Haha. Allayna sent me some Reese's Pieces, so I made them with the cookies. 

It was kind of sad this week though, knowing that I would leave to another city, so all my programs this week were goodbye programs! I got pictures with a lot of our investigators and members (some for the 2nd time since I thought I'd leave last transfer too, haha). 

Today, I got my transfer call to move to a town called Pápa, in the West. My new companion is Elder Hatfield, who's been here since last August. I've heard he is a super cool guy and the area is really good, so I'm very excited! This will be a good transfer! 

It seems like things are going well at home! I'm glad the school year is finally getting over with for Clare, and Jason especially! And it sounds like there is a lot of music and scouts stuff going on! Dang! Jason better get that Eagle done quick, or he'll end up like me and Brent. I'm glad he is working on it, though. You go, Jason! 
That's crazy that Matt is already home! I remember when he was my AP for a week! Haha. I wish him good luck with adjusting to normal life and everything!

Well, that's all I have! Have a good week! 

Sok szeretet nélkül,

Elder Mitchell Young

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