Saturday, July 27, 2013

June 24, 2013

Dear family,

We had an awesome week this week!
On Tuesday, right after emailing, Elder Hatfield and I went on our bike ride to a mountain called Somló. It's super cool because this entire area of the country is and entirely flat farming country, then there's this random mountain in the middle of nowhere. 
Well, the mountain is about 25 km away, and we had some sketchy directions, so to make a long story short, we ended up spending half our trip there biking straight through a forest and some farmer's fields, as well as up the mountain itself. By the time we reached the castle ruins at the top, I was too dead to be able to enjoy it, so I just laid on the ground for most of it while my companion explored and had the time of his life! Haha.
We won't even talk about the trip home... in all, the excursion lasted about 7 hours, a few longer than we thought it would, haha. 

Wednesday was transfers, so I got my new companion, Elder Bebel. He came from Budapest, so he was used to having lessons all day and hardly having to actually go find people, and so I can just imagine how excited he was for several days of tracting this week.
Thursday, we started tracting, and the first two doors we knocked on gave us their numbers and asked us to come back and teach them next week. We had several more good experiences, and a few really funny ones, too. At our English class, a new couple came in and were more interested in learning about the Church than learning English. 
Friday was the same. In just a few hours of tracting, Bebel and I had more success finding than Hatfield and I had in the last 6 weeks! Haha. 
Saturday didn't bring the same success tracting, but we met with our "golden investigator" from England for a real lesson, and he is doing really well. I think we are going to challenge him to baptism when we meet him this week.  

Sunday was probably the most interesting day of the week. During church, one of our investigators had some kind of nervous breakdown during Elders Quorum, and began to argue and yell at everyone. He's fine now though.
  The most interesting part of the day though, was when we visited family of the guy who stole a car last week and wanted us to teach them the Word of God. They are very poor (they live in a tiny little shanty-town area) and they have a large yard full of junk everywhere, and their car is definitely hot-wired. They also have 5 little kids, all probably under the age of 9. (One thing we noticed, was that the only kid wearing shoes, also had no pants). It was really sad, but they are a really cool family. They liked what we taught them, and wanted us to come back, so maybe they can go somewhere! 

Yup, we had a very awesome, and very interesting week! Elder Bebel and I are getting along really well, and so things are all going well here! There was a lot of funny stuff that also happened that I can't fit here but we had a way good last few days. The computers also don't work very well here, so I will try to get pictures in, but no promises! Love you all! Thanks for the love and support!

Elder Young 

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