Monday, March 18, 2013

March 18, 2013

Well, it seems like everything is getting very exciting at home for Lesa's homecoming! That's so crazy that she is already coming home!! I hope everything goes well for the homecoming and all that!! Hopefully everyone can make it over safely! Is the weather getting better? 

Well, this week has been pretty good! I've been able to speak more and we got fed almost every day this week!! 
So in our branch, there is an American family, with 10 kids!! The dad served his mission here 20 years ago, so he knows the language and everything. Well, last Monday night, we went to their house for dinner, and then taught them a lesson on the Armor of God, complete with a costume we brought for them (this is the 3rd time I've given this lesson to young families, haha). The kids were very excited to put on the Armor of God and we got to talk about what each thing meant. It was really fun!! I'll include a picture of it! 

On Friday, there was a big Hungarian holiday, so all the missionaries had an extended Pday. I had planned with my district to go up to a place called Esztergom, which is supposedly really cool. But there was a freak snowstorm that day, so we all just stayed in the mission home and played board games all day long! It was a little bit less exciting, but still pretty relaxing. Then I got to watch How to Train Your Dragon with some members of the district!

At church on Sunday, the Branch President asked me to become the new Young Men's teacher! But probably because the only Young Man in the branch is from that American family, and neither of us understands much of priesthood meeting anyway. But I wasn't completely sure where or when I was supposed to teach him, so during priesthood meeting, I was listening waaay harder than I normally ever would, and I understood almost the whole opening exercises until they kicked us out! Haha. 

And today, we were going to teach a man named Zoli, and Elder Judd told me to plan, prepare, and lead the whole lesson, which I hadn't done too much of since getting here. It was pretty exciting, and it was definitely good practice! And we committed him to start reading from the Book of Mormon a little bit each day, as well as attend a baptism. 

Well, there hasn't been too much excitement other than that! This is our last week of my 2nd transfer, so maybe I will be moving to a new area! It's possible, and I'm getting kind of excited if I do. I think I'm ready to move to a new area with lots of new people! We will see what happens! 

Yup, have a good week! 


Elder Young
PS. And I guess when I messed up in that prayer last week, I actually said a pretty bad word... oops... the lady told me it meant "bottom." Haha. 

1. Armor of God lesson!

2. Snow storm

3. Double high jenga tower, on super pday!

1.Einstein Lego statue.

2.Just me

3. Judd with a giraffe lego statue 

1. I LOVE PMG!!!

2. Nice Hungarian field.

3. Darth Vader Lego

1. Rakott Krumpli

2. Eating szendvicsek

3. ...

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