Saturday, July 27, 2013

June 10, 2013

Dear family, 

So this week has felt like a million years long. Tuesday was pretty rough. We challenged an investigator to baptism, and she got really uncomfortable, and it was much more awkward of a lesson than it should have been. Then we had another investigator just getting really excited about her questions, and was basically yelling at us, haha. We basically told her we can't feel the spirit when she does that, so we told her we'd talk next time, haha. 

On Wednesday, we had splits, so I missed out on an investigator teaching us how to make Paprikás Csirke!!! But I went to another town called Győr, and on the street, we saw a drunk guy with an inappropriate shirt on, a pacifier in his mouth, a big bottle of beer in one hand, and a really colorful bra in the other hand. He was hugging a big ice cream cone statue, then started dancing in the town square, before walking across the street, thriough the traffic, unharmed. It was probably one of the craziest sights I've seen yet, haha. 

Friday, one of our investigators said he'd be late, so we took advantage of our time and got some much needed ice cream. On the way back to the Branch House, we ran into a member who hadn't been to church in a long time (neither of us knew who he was), and he said he wanted to come back to church. How did we know? Indigestion? No... inspiration!

Other than that, we just went tracting this week. We meet a lot of funny people out there. 
"What's the most important thing in your life?" 
 "Hmmm... what about family?"
   "You can't enjoy your family if you're not healthy! And I'll never be healthy, so I'm just suffering and waiting to die now." 
Life here must be the greatest. 

Love you all! Thanks so much for the prayers and support! 
Elder Young

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