Saturday, July 27, 2013

June 18, 2013

This has been a pretty momentous week. 

First of all, transfers are tomorrow, so we got our calls this morning. Elder Hatfield is leaving, and my new companion will be Elder Bebel, who is in the same group as Hatfield. Elder Hatfield is also going to Érd, where I just came from! Things are exciting!
I am now in my 5th transfer! Also, this last Friday marks one year since I got my mission call! 
Well, I few pretty cool things have happened this week. 
On Wednesday, we were biking home on a pretty narrow road, and a truck turned pretty quickly into our direction. My comp swerved out of the way, but the truck and I both had to slam our brakes when we saw each other, and I'm pretty sure I almost died. Then a bum that we see every day yelled at me from across the street. I only caught a few words. "Hey you...!! Accident....!!! Bycicle...!!!" 
On Thursday, we found ourselves in the ghetto part of town, so you know how nice everything must have been there. After some time, we headed back to the real town, and a very full little car pulled up next to us. The driver was a man, then there were 2 kids in the front seat, and his wife and like 3 more kids in the back seat.
"Hey, are you guys preaching the word of God?!" he asked.
"Why, yes we are." 
"Well, you should come over to our place sometime and teach us. I think it would be good for our family." After exchanging numbers, we were about to leave, when the guy gleefully exclaimed, "I just stole this car! Look!" and showed us that he had just hot-wired the car, before driving off into the sunset.
Maybe they do need the Gospel in their lives, haha. 
Saturday was the highlight of the week, I think. We biked over to a little village and went tracting for a few hours there. Eventually, we got to a nice little road at the end of the town, and found a nice little house with no doorbell, and the gate was locked. After joking about the person's dog being dead (normally all dogs come barking at the gate when we get there, but this one just layed there in the grass), we kept going. 
Getting to the other side of the street, we met a guy who was not interested, but said that his neighbor had just gotten back from England, and had met with the Mormons there. So he took us to the house and hollered at the guy, since there was no doorbell, and they took us in. Apparently our new friend doesn't even speak much English, so he didn't understand much from the elders, but had gone to church there, and at least had a Hungarian BoM (and is already halfway through).
We found out that this guy, Ferenc, just got back 2 days before we got there, and we were planning on tracting that street like a week before! Also, our branch is pretty low on priesthood holders, so that has been a focus of our prayers and fasting, to find potential priesthood holders. In this house, there lives Ferenc, who is 30, his 2 teenage brothers, and his dad. Hopefully something will come out of this miracle! 
And, by the way, Ferenc's dog is actually not dead. 
On Sunday, we made Paprikás Csirke, and it was delicious! 
And finally, today, we are going to bike to and maybe climb this random mountain, that may or may not have a castle on top. It will take over an hour to bike there and back, so hopefully it is worth all the effort!! 
I love you all! Thanks for all your love and support! 
Elder Young

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