Saturday, July 27, 2013

May 27, 2013

Dear family and etc, 

This has been a good week, but it has been pretty short, since we just had P-day last Tuesday, on account of a holiday here last Monday. 

On Wednesday, we were Tabling at a bench on the sidewalk, and some police officers came up and asked us to leave, since apparently we need a permit to do that. They were really nice about it, but it's been kind of a hassle, since now we have to spend our entire days tracting, which is just the greatest! 

So, while tracting the next day, we knocked into this super duper old guy and his wife, and they let us in and so we tried talking to them. I'm pretty sure he was almost deaf, and he mumbled a lot so nobody could really understand each other, haha, but we asked if we could help them in any way, and he took us out into his huge garden and had us help him pick strawberries.
"This isn't for us, right?" "Neeeeeeem, of course not!" 
And then we went back inside, and he bagged the strawberries, and gave them  to us as a gift! Hurray! 

Speaking of food, we also have an investigator who is going to teach us how to make Pörkölt/Paprikás Csirke this week, so we are really excited for that! We also bought Rakott Krumpli ingredients, so we will make a big pan of that today as well. Not to mention, we got fed real Hungarian meals twice yesterday and it was amazing. We love our Hungarian food, and we'll be eating a lot of it this week! 

Other than that, we will go on splits with the Zone leaders, have interviews with President Smith (in Budapest!!!), and lots and lots of tracting this week! Hopefully the work will start to pick up more here in Pápa with all the finding time we get! Haha.

Well, I love you all! Have a good week!

Elder Young

The old Strawberry man in his garden

The internet isnt working so well, so I dont think I'll be able to send my other pictures today, haha. 

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