Saturday, July 27, 2013

April 15, 2013

Dear Family,

This has been a really good week for us! A few things that have happened this week:

I've been feeling a lot better about the language every week. I'm able to understand a lot more, but I've gotten much better at just being comfortable talking to people, and I've seen my speaking skills improve a lot. 
On Tuesday, I was able to help teach a lesson with some other missionaries and a member, and I was amazed that I spoke about as well as some people do who have been on their missions 6 mos longer than me! Yikes!

Best of all, the weather has been super fantastic all week (except there was some crazy hailstorm for like 15 minutes on wednesday)!

Other than that, most of our week has not been too interesting, but we have been really busy! We also gave a few people challenges to be baptized, and while they said not now, I think that it is very good that they are thinking about how important it is, and they want to understand more.
We also had a very good English Class on Wednesday, and we had several new people ask us to teach them, along with helping them with English. 

On Friday was when it started to get really good! Friday morning, we went on splits again, and I got put with my MTC companion, Elder Jones, for the second time! But this time we aren't in our 2nd week in the country, so it was a lot better. It was cool to see how much we have both improved in the last couple months. It was kind of like the good ol' MTC times, except using real Hungarian when we teach! Haha. 

On Saturday, we switched back into companionships, and Judd and I went to see Noémi (one of my first investigators here) get baptized! She found the Church through some American members' blog, and requested a Book of Mormon back in December, and wanted to be baptized on her birthday! We found out that she actually lived in another ward boundary though, so she had to switch to the Buda ward. Ergo, the chapel was filled to the brim with 2 wards of people! It was super awesome! Elder Bracken, my trainer, baptized her. And the couple whose blog she found was there too (She said she'd send some pictures to you).

On Sunday, we had fast sunday. There is a senior couple in our branch, and the sister asked me to translate her testimony for her... so I did. I told her that I would as long as she kept it really, really, really simple... but she didn't, haha. So it was really hard, but it was pretty cool to be able to publicly translate something into Hungarian! Haha. 

Also, I have been in the country for exactly 3 months now! Imagine that! 

Well, there's my week for you. Have a good week!


At Noémi's baptism

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