Wednesday, October 29, 2014

September 29, 2014

Hello, this is the last first week of the transfer ever! And I'm
writing this email in a cake/ice cream shop... so if I don't end up
writing this time, it means that I just spent the whole time looking
at cakes. Man, it smells good in here...

So last week, I got the call that I am to go to a city called Veszprém
to train.
So the next morning, we went up to get on the train, and they were
doing construction by the train station entrance, and there was a
little tiny opening where one or 2 people could go at a time, and we
found a croud of maybe 2 or 300 people there waiting to get through.
By the time we squeezed through the peoples, the train should have
left, but somehow they didn't leave until about 3.4 seconds after we
hopped on the train, and they let us buy our tickets on board. What a

Then we had the "sorting hat meeting" and I got a new companion named
Elder Beaumont! He's fresh out of high school and is super excited to
be here!
After our meeting, we coordinated to meet with the other elders going
to our new area (both my companion and I are going to a new area...
which means lot of luggage), but the walk to the train station took
longer than expected, and we could hear the whistles going as we ran
to the train! We made the 2nd train of the day about 2.9 seconds
before departure! Another miracle! I think Someone really wanted us to
make it to Veszprém on Wednesday...

Despite the fact that 3 of the 4 elders in our city are new, and the
other one has only been here for 3 weeks, we have been getting
adjusted to our city really well! The other elders here are really
cool! The city is beautiful, and the members are awesome! They really
want to help the missionary work go well here, and so they offer their
help, and give us lots of things to do, too. Everyone is also really
excited because we got a really nice new chapel here a couple weeks
ago, and the open house will be in about a month, so the ward is
hustling and bustling to prepare for it!
We have only met with one investigator so far, but our meeting went
super well, and it looks like our other investigators are really cool,

Nothing too crazy or awesome happened this week. We have been trying
to get Elder B. to experience all kinds of missionary work- streeting,
tracting, tabling, teaching. We've only taught one person so far...
oops. But it was awesome. He doesn't know exactly what the people are
saying, but he can express himself fine, so during the lesson (we
taught a 1st), I lead up to Joseph Smith, then asked him, "What
happened to Joseph Smith?" and he could tell his whole story, the 1st
Vision, everything. Then when he would lose track, I could just ask
him a question, "What does the BoM mean to you?" and he can bear his
testimony really well! And the lady really felt the Spirit and
promised to read from the BoM (she's been meeting for 3 weeks and
hadn't read anything).
Tracting has worked pretty well for us so far. Maybe it was the fact
that we don't know the city, maybe just our laziness, but we did tract
our own 10 story apartment building out. It's awesome because we can
say, "Hi, we're your neighbors! Have you ever seen boys like us with
ties and shirts on? Can we come in sometime, get to know you, and tell
you why we're here?" It worked out really positive! And people love to
hear Elder B. try really hard to talk to them, haha.

I really love this city and I'm excited to work here till the end of
my mission! I could not have asked for a better place to be! I'm
excited to work with Elder Beaumont and show him the ways of the
Misszionárius. Hopefully I'll be a good trainer this time around...

Sorry, no pictures. I hope that I'll be able to send pictures at some
point this transfer, but judging at the quality of computers we have
in Veszprém... no promises... :)

Elder Young

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