Wednesday, October 29, 2014

September 15, 2014

We've had our fair share of 1. Interesting people, 2. Interesting missionary meetings, and 3. Interesting food.
Here are the weird and cool people we met this week:
Last week, we had splits, and the other 2 elders met some random teenage girl dancing like a maniac under a streetlight, and found out that she's actually super cool and knows a member! So we met with her in a park this week, and she really is pretty cool! While sitting in a park and talking, a little 6 year old kid came up to my companion. "Are you a security guard? Why are you here?" The answer wasn't good enough, so he changes the subject. "My dad has the exact same shoes as you... hmmm... yours are dirty and wrinkly." Then walked away. And that was that. 
The same day, a little 7 year old kid stopped us. "Who are you? My dad is a priest for ____ church (the kind that does fake miracles for money). He is really rich. Once I opened the glove compartment in his car and it was full of money." Then his dad rolls up in what looked like our old Honda, if you folks have ever seen that... we weren't sure what to believe.  Hmmmm....
The next day, a shirtless man with a pitchfork was standing on the street corner, asking everyone who walked by what time it was. When our turn came, it was about1:05. 
Also this week we were able to visit a really cool family who owns a delicious ice cream shop (you can just imagine how they got to know us so well). We had a super good program, and they fed us delicious food! And we are going baaaack this week too! 
Oh, speaking of food.... On Saturday and Sunday, we made a ton of food. Green eggs and ham is very good. It's like normal eggs and ham, with a little more salt and a smidgen of magic. Sunday morrning, we got up extra early and made a toooon of pancakes, because we made a pancake breakfast for investigators coming to church! It was super good, because we got some flakey people to come when they probably wouldn't have, and we fed some hungry church members as well. 
My friend Balázs also came from Buda for the day, so he got to join in as well! So the peaunt butter and syrup mix stuff was definitely put to good use! 
Later that day, we made lunch with Balázs, then right after lunch, we went to a members house to make dinner. It's something called Pörkölt, or I guess... a stew of sorts. I started cooking the chicken but apparently everything I did was wrong, so these Hungarians just laughed at my cooking. Ha. I wasn't so amused. 

As a last thought, we had some good missionary things as well. Zone Training  for one... then we had an apartment cleaning check. I don't get it... you can stay up all night cleaning, then some old person walks in your apartment and says "Gosh elders, you didn't clean anything at all!"
But its okay. We also went on splits with the APs, which was jolly good. 
This week, we found a bunch of new people who agreed to meet with us! I am excited to teach people. I love teaching the Gospel. It's better than tracting, which is actually pretty enjoyable nowadays. Hancey is good at making tracting fun, and our work is steadily improving. Or at least I hope so! Yay! 
Well, next week, I will email on Tuesday, and I will know where I will be for the rest of my mission! How trippy is that??? 

Elder Young
 1. Teaching some cool people.  

2. "Temple Square"

I'd send more but im sooo out of tiiiiimmmmmeeee

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