Wednesday, October 29, 2014

September 8, 2014

This was a nice, little week.
It all began with a haircut. My hair was really long, and I sought for someone to slice it off for me. Unfortunately, our investigator who normally does it for free (and well) was consistently unable to render her services. Then, another member offered to help... although she had never cut hair before. 
Seeing that the first thing I heard after she had finished the haircut included the words, "Oh, Elder Young... I'm so sorry!" I knew that this would be a wonderful self-confidence boost for the rest of the week. Let me tell you why. 
Elder H. and I have had a lot of time on our hands to look for people to teach. Now, I will be honest- I hate finding. Even after 22 months of missionary work, I will not get used to stopping people on the street or begging people to let me into their apartments. I realized that it really isn't talking to people that I hate though, but actually that I have just been caring too much about what people think of me. So my comp and I came up with a new motto to say before every person we talked to: "I don't give a (pause) what they think!" And it has worked really well so. So now I'm a weirdo with a shirt, tie, and a bad haircut who doesn't care what anyone thinks! 
One day, while streeting, some lady came and stopped us to tell us that we are doing everything all wrong. Did you know that if someone has a briefcase, two bags, nice clothes, or a child with them, they probably will not appreciate being stopped. But apparently if they are walking around all slowly, eating ice cream, or are chilling in a park, they are free game. Our new friend "has worked for years in every kind of job (except for prostitution) and knows how to deal with people." Before leaving, she wished us good luck because "we really need it." 
Oh well... we know which building she lives in (a friend walked by as we talked and she told her) and so we will go tract her building and visit her... because we don't give a what she thinks!
We had a meeting in Budapest, and once again, we learned what we are doing wrong. The only thing I don't like about all the missionary rules, is that there are always more rules that you don't know about... so when you spend 5000 forint on a gym pass, you know that the next day they're going to tell you that the 5 years ago the area presidency made an official announcement that gyms are a no no for missionaries. Oops. 
But we actually received a lot good instruction, and we will have our Zone Training this Thursday! 
Also, since we were in Budapest, we got our MAIL! Yay! Highlight of the month. I got a ton from Mom, and Dad and some other people, so it was really good! 
And since we don't have a car, Sister Smith was sooo nice and gave us a ride to our area (which means we didn't have to load 32 BoMs and all the mail for the zone onto a train). YES! 
We had a couple miracles this week too! 
There is a member here who is our neighbor, so we see her pretty often. She is working all the time, but also going to school, and has to pay for really expensive training for work as well. We met her at English Class, and afterwards she told us the news that after school and training and bills, she literally had no food for the month. She was scared, but kept saying that, "It will work out somehow." 
Then that night, she got a call from another workplace (she's a judge for rally car competitions sometimes) and there was some mess up in the system from a while ago, so they called her to tell her that she got more money than she thought she was. It was pretty cool!
Then on Saturday, we got to go back out to a member's house to cut and move wood. We went there a couple weeks ago with 2 members and the other elders, and there was a looot of work, and we didn't get near to finishing. This time, 10 guys from the elders quorum came with us! It went really well. We teach this lady because she is less- active, so it felt really good to see a service project go through so successfully that we had planned! 
Then on Sunday, we met with another member who challeged us to chess. He creamed me multiple times, so we had a lesson on humility... but it doesn't matter. I don't give a what he thinks. 
That's all the interesting stories I have time for. 

Elder Young-ot

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3. The mall closed down their dinosaur exhibit last week :(

4. Taking trains to Budapest... like an animal

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