Wednesday, October 29, 2014

October 21, 2014

Dear Family,

We had the most wonderful week this week. We were pretty busy and have been able to work with our ward pretty well this week! 
One thing we've been doing is looking up inactive people to invite them to our new branch building open house! They gave us the addresses of people who haven't come in years, so it's always an adventure to see who actually opens the door, and then ask them if they happen to be a member. Usually they say something like, "Oh, yeah, think they moved away like 15 years ago..." but then it becomes a finding opportunity because we can just invite that person instead! ... and we're already inside the apartment building... 
We also got a bunch of members to come tracting with us around the area of the branch house. It blows my mind how much better native members can connect with the people. 

One night, we were going to make french toast with the other elders, so we ran to the store to buy a loaf of bread. On the way back, we saw a homeless guy digging through the trash can. My companion is such a good guy! He walked up to the guy and just asked, "Are you hungry? Here's some bread." It was also really funny when we went back to the same cashier lady with the same kind of bread, haha. 

We have some cool investigators who are starting to progress. One lady recently lost a son, and has been going through a terribly hard time. We have been teaching her the Plan of Salvation, and she accepted a baptismal date for December 13th
Another guy in our own building is pretty interested! We brought a really strong member in and they got along really well. He likes what we teach and wants to improve his life. The Holy Ghost was super strong in the lesson, and Elder Beaumont was able to be involved a lot too!

A couple people also stopped us on the street and told us that they used to meet with the missionaries and want to meet again! Which is good, because all the people who we stop on the street either ignore us or give us fake phone numbers, which is soo dumb! Haha. 

On Saturday morning, I get a call from the mission president something to this effect: "Good morning Elder Young. You have the highest phone bill in the mission- it's 18,000 Forint (75 dollars) over your limit. Why is that?" I was really, really confused, since there was no reason for me to go over the limit at all. Then I called one of my old companions to tell him about it, and he informed me that Elder Driggs, my greenie from January, has to go home because of an injury. So it was a lot of crazy news right at once, haha. 

On Sunday night, we went up to Budapest for greenie training. We stayed in the "Celestial room" where I slept my first night in the country. One of my favorite companions from last year was there, as well as my old greenie, my current greenie, and like 5 other greenies. We all stayed in the same place, and it was weird- like a big summary of my whole mission in one place, haha. 
Monday morning, Elder Driggs left for the airport, and all the greenies had an important meeting, so Elder Olsen and I were reunited in Buda again, haha. We had like 6 hours to just explore the city and stuff.

K, you're great. Have a great week.

Elder Young

1. Some greenies.

2. My sons!

3. The Duna!

4. Elder Olsen

5. The Olympic rings!

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