Wednesday, October 29, 2014

October 27, 2014

Dear People, 

This last week  was good, but it was pretty hard for us. We had new missionary training on monday, so we basically missed out on our pday except emailing and shopping, and we got sick at the end of the week. Elder Beaumont's got it worse than I do, but we both have a bad cough and fever.

   Other than that, we were only able to meet with like 3 investigators this week, but they were all doing really well! One lady has a baptismal date although she doesn't progress very well. One day, we went to visit her, and she had to go, so we stayed and talked to her 16 year old son- he likes the Book of Mormon and read what we gave him, and he wants to come to church. It was also very reassuring, because he told us that since we have been coming, he's seen a lot of positive changes in his mom. I was glad to hear that, because she doesn't seem to progress at all, I guess she just has to go at her own pace. 
   There was also a lady we met on the street a couple weeks ago, and she said that she and her son used to meet with the missionaries like 15 years ago. She was pretty busy so we couldn't meet with her much since then, but this week she called us, "Hey, I'm in the area of your branch house. Do you want to show me where it is and maybe we can talk more." So on the way, she stops into a store to introduce us to her friend, then we walked into the branch house during institute, so we sat in and listened, gave her a tour, and talked about the BoM. On the way home, she was talking to a stranger on the bus, "See these elders? I just went to their new branch house, and I'm going to church with them on Sunday at 9." 
Then she came to church for the first time, and loved it!
   Another cool one was a referral from my last ward. A member there has a good friend who moved to the Veszprém area. He is a member, but his wife is not, but they both wanted a copy of the Book of Mormon and they want to meet. And they came to church on Sunday! The other elders met the guy and were super jealous that we are meeting with them. The guy is super cool and wants to come back. His wife also loved church and really wants to meet with us! 

On Wednesday, we 4 elders went to a family for dinner. My comp and I gave the spiritual thought on the Atonement. We used another elder here as the volunteer. The family has a little girl. As part of the lesson, we gave her some chocolate. Then we said that because we offered her chocolate, Elder Mellor has to do 10 push ups. She caught on and decided not to take the candy, so we said that because we offered her chocolate, Elder Mellor has to do 10 pushups anyways. Then my companion, Elder Mellor's companion, and I each took some chocolate (nobody in the family wanted any), then we offered some to Mellor too, haha. By the end, he had done like 90 pushups, and the little girl was in the corner almost crying, and saying, "Let me do push ups too! I want to help him! It's hurting him." I think it was a pretty good lesson, and Elder M. was a good sport about the whole thing. 
I even told Elder Beaumont that if we leads that whole lesson on his own with another family, then I'll do the push ups, haha. It will be good motivation for language study! 

K, that's about all. My 2 year mark is on Friday. I think we might make pumpkin pie. It's goign to be so grand.

Elder Young

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