Wednesday, October 29, 2014

September 1, 2014

I'm doing great! We really just did a bunch of tracting this week, with some results, but not too many... we only actually met with 2 different investigators, and each had to leave after like 15 minutes, haha. All of our legit investigators have no time, or they are injured somehow, so we are stuck talking to old people through their doors, haha.
We met an American Mormon couple one morning. They were on like a year long biking tour through Europe. They come up to us, and some dude with a beard says, "Hey! Are you the Mormons?? I had a dream that I need to talk to you!" but his wife gave it away by just saying, "Hi Elders!" Otherwise I probably would have believed the whole thing. 
Last night, we made dinner with the other elders. We made stuffed peppers. Want to know how to make it? Chop up onion, mix it with ground meat and half cooked rice. Then you stuff all that raw into peppers and boil it in tomato soup. Done. 
Oh, also, earlier this week, we got some hookups to go onto the roof of the Győr city house, town hall place. You should probably look that up. It's super cool. 
Then we (the other elders and 2 members) went to our favorite ice cream shop (where we have an investigator) and had delicious ice cream. I actually came from there just now. We get ice cream too much...
There is a less active lady who has started coming back to church lately! Today, she gave a talk and it was interesting. It had something to do with hard work and gratitude or something. She talked about the day care that she runs, and the different kinds of families who send kids there. One of them got an A for a class, but he didn't seem very happy. She found out that he was happy, but disappointed because his parents didn't give him enough money for the grades. A second one got an A, but didn't seem very happy. She found out that his family was very poor and his parents were too concerned with putting food on the table to pay attention. Then a 3rd child received an A, and didn't seem to be very happy. She found out that the family had enough, they were not rich or too poor, but the parents were so exhausted and stressed from working that they couldn't give the attention that they needed to for the kid's grade. She gave a really talk and related this to always being grateful for what we already have, and that it isn't the money that brings happiness into our lives. It was a good talk because that lady has a lot of serious financial problems on her shoulders and is able to still reach out and serve others, and look at the most positive side of the situation. So that was a good talk, I thought. 
Yup, that's all I have. Love,

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