Wednesday, October 29, 2014

September 23, 2014

Ohhh, my gosh.
So today I woke up waiting for my last transfer call ever, the one that decides where and with whom I will be till the end. Actually, I woke up at 3am because a member asked us to call him last night, before leaving the country, but we never got ahold of each other, so he called right before leaving. I was really confused, and don't really remember what we talked about, but my companion says that I talked to him for like 45 seconds and asked, "Okay... wanna talk to Elder H., too?" and he talked to him for a while in the middle of the night. Haha. 
So, anyways, I got my call. My companion is staying here in Győr. I am actually leaving to a city called Veszprém, and I will be training again! I get to spend my last 2 months with a new kid, so hopefully he will keep me in line... haha. 
This week was craziness! 
We have been super glad because over the last few days, some our investigators have started to become super legit! But unfortunately, in our zeal to visit people who seem to live in every corner of the city, we still have no car! And since this companionship usually has one (and public transportation is no good here), we are stuck to travelling on foot. Ughhhh. But we carry on. 
This week, we went on splits with the other elders here, and it was really good! Except for the fact that my temporary companion got me sick!
On Wednesday, we visited the family with the 2 girls who are getting baptized soon and we tried a cool object lesson that Mom sent. We had those cool beads that soak in water and become invisible. We somehow turned that into a lesson on faith. 
The next day, we helped the Humanitarian service senior couple. They did a project at an old folks home, and we translated for them. Afterwards, they gave us a ride to a member who we went to visit. The member fed us a HUGE, delicious lunch, then we did the same lesson and she loved it! 
We also have an investigator who suddenly started getting really interested in everything a lot more. He had to go to the hospital, so we popped in to visit him, and he had already read over half of the Book of Mormon! He has since finished reading it, and loves it. We are talking to him about how to apply what he reads and how to get his answer that it is true! He really wants to know that it's true! 
Saturday was the craaaziest day ever! We ran all over the place, and met with a ton of people pretty much on accident! Haha. We met with several new people, a few less new people, and members! I even ran into an investigator from Buda walking by the train station. 
It was just a crazy day. 

On Sunday, we met with a guy who has been inactive for about a year, and wants to come back! He is a really cool guy and it's so cool to see him willing to come back and change his life again!! 
We also got with a member that day and made pumpkin pie from scratch and it was amazing.
Highlight of monday- we were walking down the street and some girl stopped us. "How about a FREE HUG??!!" My comp and I were like, ehhhhh hmmmm.... and so she just grabbed both of us in a big hug and kissed both our cheeks like 15x. Then with a "Have a great day!" she left us. Haha. 
And this morning we went to a beautiful place called Pannonhalma with a member. We alked around the abbey/monastery/library and went to a bunch of other cool stuff. Yup. Super cool! 
So my comp and I are really good friends, and there are a ton of cool people here, so I am kind of bummed that I couldn't stay here (or at least go where Tamás lives). But I've heard good things about Veszprém too, and it is excited to know where I'll be till the end! YIKES!

As you can guess, I don't have much time, so that's about it. Here's whatever pictures I can load in 5 minutes. 
elderrr mitch young

 1. Me and Goldy

2. Bucket of jelly bead things.

3. Us with some guy who let us in. He is super funny and likes to talk about conspiracy theories.

4. Hungarian statues are cool

5. Me and my comp at a place.

6. Where's Waldo?

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