Wednesday, October 29, 2014

October 13, 2014

We've had a pretty hard week, I must admit. The work here is sooo sloooow! For us, planning is decided when we should take breaks from tracting and talk to people on the street instead. We also try to visit members all the time so that Elder B. has a chance to teach.  

We had a couple cool experiences this week though... we were able to go visit one of our investigators with an RM guy, and we had a really good meeting. Bringing members is awesome because the member can get along so much better with the investigator, especially since they each understand exactly what the other is saying... 
Later that day, we made calls to old investigators who we've never met. I spent a lot of time calling as many people as I could, 
 retracted our building. The first door that opened was a young family who told us to come back later in the week (we actually never were able to) and they seemed really excited to meet. Now that I think about it, they're probably Jdubs out to prove us wrong. Oh, well. 
Then the second door opened up, and this guy was not interested at all. But he talked for like 2 minutes about something... then let us in! It was the last thing I would've expected, haha. But we ended up talking to him for 45 minutes and setting up another meeting! 

Other than that, we met with a few cool members and taught english class and stuff (my class is nowhere near as exciting as Jason's). You know... doing missionary things... 

On Saturday, we went back up to Győr, my last area, to see a baptism! Two sisters got baptized, one 8, one 14, so it was awesome! My last 3 companions were all there with their companions, with a few other members! It was sooo awesome! 
Afterward, we had to run onto the train home. The trains are so confusing here- they put multiple trains on one track, and don't put up enough signs. So if someone were to... I don't know... be unaware that 3 different trains were on one track, it's possible that they could get on the wrong one. 
So when the ticket checker guy comes up and looks at the ticket that says, "Veszprém," and drops his head, it's not a good sign. 
So when that happened to us, we were in quite a pickle! "Good thing we don't have any investigators to have to cancel on today!" I thought.  
We called the other elders to let them know, and found out that the phone had low battery. So we were able to make one last call to a member, who told us when our next train would be to take us home. After that, our phone died, and the choo choo chugged on into the abyss. 

We had to take that train to the end stop, called Celldömölk, and we had to wait there for almost 2 hours till the next train, so we looked for a place to eat, and found a free concert going on in the main square. We got on the train, later had to get off in another city to a bus, and made it home at 11 pm, and died. 

On Sunday, I went up to bear my testimony by telling that story and trying to compare it to the Gospel somehow. Everyone thought it was funny, and they probly figured out by now that I'm an idiot, haha. 
We had a teenager investigator come to church for the first time, too! He really enjoyed it, but had to run out like 45 minutes in. Hopefully he learned something that will help him out. 

My companion is such an awesome missionary! Yesterday afternoon, as we walked around on the streets talking to people, I made my comp stop someone and do the whole approach by himself. He walks up to someone and says, "Hi, excuse me! I love my family. I love my family very much. And I love the gospel because it helps my family. The gospel helped me, so I know it will help you in your life. Can we trade phone numbers?" And the just stood there listening, and then says, "Sure, why not?!" We talked to him a little more, and he is actually really interested! I think that if I would have stopped him, he probably would not have listened. My companion is super good at just throwing himself in front of people and bearing his testimony to them as best as he can! 

So we are hanging in here with everything. I'm kind of tired all the time, but everything is good. The Church is true! 

Elder Young

1. Elder B. fixing something with the soldering gun he found in the apartment.

2. "Tracting."

3. Eating at a cooool family's house.

4. Same.

5. Sindy and Goldy.

6. Me and Sindy.

7. A cool family I taught who finally came to something (the baptism).

8. Riding the train in the day.

9. Still on the train.

10. Still on the train.

11. Concert.

12. Exploring.

13. Eating lecsó with the other elders.

14. I was the victim of a pumpkin pie food fight. 

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