Sunday, October 6, 2013

August 19, 2013

BOLDOG SZÜLI NAPOT, ANYUKA!!! Hope you are having a good birthday!! And hopefully you have a good cruise this week!!! Don't get attacked by pirates!

Well, it's really crazy to hear about everyone growing up. Poor Jason can't go to priests quorum, and is going off to BYU. And Clare is going back to Seminary where the rules are super strict!! And Jon's back and everyone else is on their mission or married. Sounds like a lot of fun!

Well, over here, nothing really crazy has happened. Each day I just kind of roll out of bed, go tracting, and come home to sleep. Sometimes I eat during the day, too, but I think that's it.

 I did go on splits on Wednesday, with a brand new missionary, and it was my first time being the "senior companion" for the day, so that was really fun! It was really weird when I would talk to someone on the street for like 15 minutes, and realize that I was the only missionary talking, haha. Pretty nuts!

 One day, while tracting, I was having a hard day, but we tracted into one guy and talked to him for like 10 minutes at the door. He wasn't interested at all, but his neighbor had the window open while watching Indiana Jones, so I got to hear the Indiana Jones theme music the whole time we spoke to the guy. Tender mercies!

 The other elder companionship in our city had a baptism, and at the baptism, some guy named Vince found out that I'm related to "Brimgah Yőng." He was so excited! He he gave me a biiiig hug, and on Sunday he brought his Book of Mormon, and asked me to "dedicate" it. I didn't know what that meant, so I just wrote, "To Vince: Elder Young. 2013. 08. 18." He was so happy! Haha.

 Also on Sunday, we met with this old lady who claims to have died once. Her dad accidentally threw a knife through her stomach. She also tried to make me drink wine. She is an interesting person, that is for sure.

 And lastly, I found out that Szombathely used to be an old Roman city, and there even used to be a Roman highway that runs right next to my apartment. Also, there is a big holiday (extra p-day for us!) tomorrow, and here, they turn it into a Roman festival! It will be interesting to see what it's like around here.

Yes, that was my week.
Much love,

Me climbing through the window when the key broke

View from my apartment

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