Thursday, October 10, 2013

October 7, 2013

Hello family and family,
This week was fast, but good. On monday, a member took us over to a mini amusement park, and we rode some crazy bob sled rollercoaster ride. Apparently, it's "the fastest forest bob sled ride in Hungary." Then we spent the rest of our Pday to hang out at a little playground and crack a traditional Hungarian whip.
That was the beginning of a very fast week that ended on Friday. I woke up and knew it would be a very slow "weekend." For example, I got really excited that night, that like 6 baptisms had happened in one of my old areas... "I'm so glad that it's Saturday the 12th today!" I thought. Right before I called my old companion, however, I remembered that it was really Friday the 4th...
 It was pretty slow until General Conference. We basically missed the first and last sessions, but the rest of it we got to see in English! Yeah!! Very uplifting.
Also, early on in the week, I found a cool, real 4 leaf clover in a plastic keychain, and ever since then, I've felt about as lucky as I have the rest of my life. But I still carry it around with me wherever I go.
Well, I really have no other news, except that I'm still alive and safe, so I guess all of your prayers are still being answered! Haha.

The Church is true! 


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