Sunday, October 6, 2013

September 3, 2013

Looking back at the past week, it's hard to believe that it was only one week! Haha. The days are all long, but eventful.
Well, we were able to find a few good people to teach, and continue to keep teaching others.
 It wasn't too exciting of a week or anything though. Not really anything interesting happened, except one crazy tracting experience.
One day, while going door-to-door like usual, we saw a man approaching us from a house we knocked on like 10 minutes before. He was extremely angry, and yelled many things at us, including how he knows that we can't be servants of God because if we were, God wouldn't have allowed us to wake up his child and ruin their family's afternoon. He also knows we we worship Satan, because he's been to our church before, and there are no crosses.
He eventually left, but returned a couple minutes later (while we were having a conversation with someone else) with a Cross in one hand and a bottle of Holy Water in the other. He again loudly explained why we aren't Christians and why we are going to hell. Then he said, "Are you guys like the Jehova's Witnesses, who are afraid of Catholic Holy Water?!"
"Hmm... lucky for you... this time." Then he just stormed back home.
Follow up to the story: We saw this same man in the library where we are currently emailing! He was a lot more pleasant this time around... haha.

Yup, that was my week. I have no more time though, so I have to go.
But, I am getting transferred!! I'm going to a city called Miskolc in the NE corner of the country, with one of my buddies from the MTC!!! 10 week tranfer!!! It will be good!

K, great.
Love you!!!


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