Sunday, October 6, 2013

August 12, 2013

Dear Family,

It seems like you guys had a crazy time doing crazy things. Gotta love those crazy trips!

Well, I guess a few interesting things happened this week.

While we were tracting in an apartment building, some lady screamed at us for like 5 minutes, and was still screaming when we left, and we could even hear her screaming complaints to her neighbor on our way out the building. Why must they scream and yell!?! If they tell me to leave, I will leave! Haha. Of course, when we left the building, my companion got mad and rang her number on the machine before we left, just to make the lady mad. I guess neither action was really necessary, haha. It sure was a great start to the week, though!!

On Wednesday, we went on exchanges, and I went with a guy named Elder Vanderpool, and we had a really fun time. We made a game out of talking to people on the street, and we made real American pancakes w/ real maple syrup for dinner! 

Thursday, we had interviews with he mission president. He basically told me that my companion will be someone from my MTC group, but he also told me the same thing like 3 months ago... haha. We'll see, haha.

On Saturday, Moses and I were about to leave the apartment to start the day. We said our leaving prayer, then I turned the key, and... SNAP! Half the key just sorta broke off into the keyhole. We stared at the key, and then I just  laughed until I cried. Elder Moses didn't say anything or show any sort of emotion, which was pretty lame. Then we crawled out the window and started finding people.

Lastly, yesterday, in Sunday school, we had a teacher who had perhaps the biggest mustache I've ever seen. I drew a picture of it in my planner, haha.

Well, we have actually found quite a few people to teach this week!! For this week alone, we already have over 10 lessons set up! Also, at the beginning of the week, it was so hot! I heard that Thursday was the hottest day of the year. Luckily though, we've had a couple little storms, so things have cooled down quite a bit.
The coolest thing is seeing everything from my roof. We have a huge roof/patio thing with a pretty cool view of different big church buildings around. There is also some kind of orchestra house nearby, so at night, we can hear the music really well. Friday night had a really nice thunderstorm with trumpets playing in the background. It was so fantastic.

Yup, that was my week. Hope everyone is doing well!



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