Sunday, October 6, 2013

September 16, 2013

Well, this week has been pretty good for us. Not too eventful or anything though. Our washing machine doesn't work. Last week, we had to take the laundry to the other elders apartment, but this week, we decided to try handwashing it in the tub. It's a pretty annoying chore! 

As for teaching, it seems like we've been meeting with an amazing amount of super old people. One super old lady offered us some watermelon, but wouldn't take no for an answer. Then, because she wasn't able to pick her watermelon off the floor, I had to take it to the kitchen for her. She asked how much we wanted. I said, "I just ate, so I don't want very much, but Elder McCurdy is very, very hungry, so he wants a looot of watermelon," and thus, Elder McCurdy had to eat lots and lots of watermelon, haha.

Last week, McCurdy set up with a lady who used to be an investigator like a year ago, but I had forgotten, so I also called her a few days later and tried to set up, and she was like, "Well, I already set up with you guys to meet at your building at 3 on Tuesday."
"Hmmm..." I said. "Couldn't have been us, we already have a program at 3 on Tuesday. Maybe the other elders set up with you. I guess we'll just find out on Tuesday..." Once I heard McCurdy's laughs, I realized how dumb I was. And I think the lady thought I was pretty dumb too, because she definitely did not show up at 3, haha.

One other lady we taught was pretty crazy. We were trying to teach her the Plan of Salvation, and she kept trying to change the subject to her conspiracy theories that Jews rule the world. Sometimes, I just want to yell at people like that, especially when it has exactly nothing to do with the lesson, haha. Yikes!

Other than that, we do have some cool investigators. There is Dani, who is a 10 year old kid. He lives with his single, bedridden mother, and comes to church by himself from the other side of town. He loves us and told me that he will come to church every week, and to activities, too. So he's pretty cool. It's hard to be able to teach him, but hopefully we will be able to help him be baptized sometime!
We also teach a super legit lady who accepted a baptismal date for the 2nd of November!
Also, from Pápa, my 2nd area, a total of 5 people are being baptized that I either found or taught the whole time I was there, and they are all being baptized on the same day-- October 12!
Yup, that's all I have.

PS. We have a cactus

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