Tuesday, November 25, 2014

November 25, 2014

 Elder Beaumont and I had an awesome week!

We had a miracle find this week. Well, it was more of a mistake that I
made that was miraculously solved!
Last sunday night, we stopped some random kid on the street, and he
was  really interested in meeting, so we set up a program with him for
P-day afternoon, 3pm. I wrote in the time of the appointment, but I
forgot to put his name in.

Come Pday (we had to take it on tuesday last week), I saw that we had
something at 3pm, but I had forgotten who or what it was for! It was
our Pday, and actually was in the way of our emailing time, because
the branch house and the library are on opposite ends of the city. It
might have been a mistake when I wrote it in. Who knows!
But we decided to go. We get to the Branch house, and nobody is there.
Maybe it was just a mistake. Maybe our mystery person dogged us! Maybe
we were supposed to go to their house!

So as we left about 15 minutes later, someone rode their bike up to us
and it turned out to be the kid we met on Sunday. "I think I had an
appointment to meet here, but I got lost a little." So we went in, and
he wasn't even sure what we wanted to talk about. We taught him the
Restoration, and it went really well! He loved it, and talked about he
believes in God, but doesn't really have a relationship with Him. At
the end, we asked him to say the prayer. He hesitated, and asked us to
wait. After a couple minutes, he said a really great prayer, and told
us that it felt so good to pray after such a long time. He kept
saying, "I feel so good right now, I have such a good feeling."
That was easily one of the best lessons of my mission so far. Today,
we are going to visit him again after emailing. Maybe it will be just
as good now as last time!

I'm so happy that I've been able to serve here and share my testimony
with people who are willing to listen! It's so weird to think that I'm
going home. I am going to miss so many investigators and members.

I'll tell about the rest in like a day and a half. bye.

Elder Young

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