Tuesday, November 25, 2014

November 18, 2014

Dear Family members,

We had a great week. In fact, we've been so busy, that we couldn't fit P-day things in yesterday, so that's why we're emailing on Tuesday. 

Last week started off slowly, with some of our investigators not showing up when we'd get there, and literally nobody having done any of the commitments we gave them. On Thursday, things started to pick up! We went to meet with a member who brought a few friends to the big branch open house a while ago, so we wanted to have Elder Beaumont practice teaching the Plan of Salvation, and then we could ask her for more about her friends who were interested. When we show up, 2 of those people were there waiting for us! So as planned, Elder B. lead the Plan of Salvation lesson for a new investigator. 
That night, a kid we met on the street a while ago showed up to english class, and met with us afterwards! He accepted a Book of Mormon, and we are meeting with him again this week, too! 

On Friday, we went to a city called Dunaújváros for a Zone Training, which was really good. Afterwards, we went on splits with the other elders in our city. I went with Elder Mellor, who is just a couple months older here than Elder Beaumont. We had a fun time tracting and teaching a couple lessons. We finished off splits with a big dinner at a family from New Zealand. They even invited one of our investigators to come, so it was really awesome, and Elder Beaumont and I were able to teach him the Restoration for the first time, and he really like it.

We ended the week with Stake Conference. They had some changes in the stake here too, and Hungary's first stake president was released. The bishop of the Buda ward became the new president, who is actually American, he just served here like 10 years ago and lives here now. A guy from our branch here also became one of the counselors, so they have a really solid Stake Presidency! 
Two Area Seventies came to speak at the conference, too- Elder Patrick Kearon and Elder George R. Something. It was an awesome conference, and super great to see all of my old friends from all over the country there! 

Yesterday was also a pretty crazy day. An old investigator from when I was in Budapest referred her friend to us, so we went to meet with him, and a new convert together. The investigator was running late though, so we just taught a lesson to the member first before he left, then had enough time to show the investigator around the branch house and set up another time to meet. He drove us to yet another investigator, who is doing really well. That lady knew some people that we could meet with and help, and referred us over to them. She also promised to come to church for the first time on Sunday! 
Later on, we met at the bus station with the Walmsley family from New Zealand. A member from a nearby town invited them over, and luckily us as well, because they needed translators! 

I'm super glad that things are started to pick up now, and even more glad that people are giving us referrals! I've never had so many referrals in so short a time! We've gotten 10 in the last 2 weeks! The Lord's work is moving forward, and it will probably do even better without me! I love when people have testimonies and share them with their friends. It's awesome to be able to help with that and let those people learn about the Gospel after they've seen it in their friends. 
The Church is true, and everyone should read their scriptures every day! 

So, my comp and I have planned to have the best week ever, and so far it is looking like things are coming into place! We have also planned out a Hungarian meal every day this week! Yay! Planning! 

Elder Young

1. (From last week) Our cat friend.

2. Taking funny pictures upon castle walls.

3. (From this week) Dinner with the Walmsleys.

4. The kids singing traditional New Zealand songs.

5.  The family. 

6. On the train to stake conference. 

7. Train.

8. Kiss Balázs (member from Buda) and "Jesus" Balázs (eternal investigator from Buda)

9. Szilvia (Buda) and Viki (Győr)

10. The Walmsleys and Ági néni

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