Tuesday, August 12, 2014

July 28, 2014

Another amazing week. Can I tell you about it?

The beginning of the week was interesting, because Elder Thomas was to leave.  So on Wednesday, we got up to make the big switch, and I got Elder Hansen. Transfers are interesting, because most of the people going to new cities will meet in the same place, and so I got to see a lot of my old companions! The ones who were in Buda, my last area, were telling me about the investigators they still meet with. A lot of people who I started meeting with who were either really busy or just really stubborn have become suuuper legit! A few are even going to be baptized in a few weeks! 
After this, we went homeward to Győr! 
We had a really good start to the transfer, and got to meet with a few new people right off the bat. 
We also spent a lot of time tracting, and actually found some cool people to talk to who actually want to meet again! 

We were able to get a few really cool investigators, thanks to the fact that the sisters got kicked out of our city.

1. One cool couple that we found had a cool story. They were planning on meeting some relatives from America. The American couple had had done some family tree research and wanted to visit some relatives in Hungary. The only problem was that they couldn't communicate much more than out of a dictionary, and so they stopped the sisters on the street a few weeks ago and asked if they would help translate. And since they would be gone by then, they had us call them...
So we went to visit on Wednesday and on Sunday. It turns out that they are really interested in the Church, and we had 2 really good meetings with them! It was especially nice, because the relatives never ended up coming, so we just talked about the Church instead. Then the guy figured that God must have wanted it that way, and now we will be coming back this week, too!

2. Yesterday, we were just standing in the foyer, greeting people, and a member came in who I didn't recognize. She introduced me to her friend, though, and told us that she wanted to meet with us. My companion sat by them during Sacrament meeting, and at the end, she said that she wants to be baptized, as soon as possible. 
 It was cool, because we found out that the member is less active, and the sisters were teaching her before they left... which is cool because we got the referral, too! 
 Miracles like this, where someone brings in a friend who is very prepared, don't happen every day! But I guess they happen! 

Another cool event that we experience was during tracting. We wanted to start a new tracting area, but neither of us knows the city very well, so we just got in the car and prayed to find a good place, where we can find someone to teach. Eventually we made it to a certain area, and the first door we tract was a really cool family... who told us to come back in September (which means never). Oh well. Then we start ringing the apartment telephones on the next building, and my companion starts to say something,  then we hear, "Waiiit, are you the Elders? Come up right now!!" 
Walking up the stairs was so exciting! My companion said something like, "I don't know about you, but I think my testimony is being strenthened right now!" 
Then we get to the top, and I recognize who it is. We see a man who is wearing only a towel, and is just an investigator who the other elders here have been trying to avoid. So we almost got an answer to our prayers! 

But then, after a little while, we gave up on that area, and just retracted our old area. There was a cool family with a Spanish dad who told us to come back. We actually were let in by the father-in-law and have been back a few times since. He's super cool! And the best part is that he said that the family thinks we're a cult, wants nothing to do with us, and "goes for a walk" every time we come by. I guess we just had good timing for our return appointment, haha. 

I'm really grateful for this week, because we've had several miracles like this throughout the week. My companion is a really good missionary, so I will just blame it on him. 

Hope everyone is well. Have a great week! 

mitch elder young elder

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