Tuesday, August 12, 2014

July 22, 2014

Dear Family, 

What a loooong week! Because of transfers, we have p-day on tuesday this week. That means that we just overcame an 8 day week! A lot of cool things happened this week, so I'll try to remember them and tell them to you.

First off, today was a disaster. We went to email, but all the good places are closed on tuesdays. And all the bad places are completely full... so a kind member is letting me email on her computer. 

For the transfer, my companion, Elder Thomas is leaving to KisPest, which is part of Budapest. I'm getting a guy named Elder Hansen who is a great man. We came to the country together, so I'm super excited to be with him! 

Okay, for the week-
last monday, I bought a harmonica.

We were able to give a few baptismal interviews this week. One member I knew in one of my other cities is baptizing someone in another city, and I gave the interview! So that was pretty cool. That same member is starting a 5 week mini mission tomorrow, too, so he's super excited! 

Then we went on splits. I went with a kid named Elder Anderson, who is from Omaha, and we actually knew each other before the mission, so it was super good! He's a great man too. We tracted a lot and ate a lot of ice cream. 

There is a really cool member here who got baptized less than a year ago. She is moving to Germany for a few months, then will go on to byu for the winter semester. She left on Saturday, so we went to say goodbye to her, so that was kind of sad. 

On the weekend, an investigator invited us to come up to his house to meet his family! They were really cool and open, although they were not interested in the gospel at all. It felt really good to know that they don't mind if he wants to be baptized, so that helps a lot!  
That day, there was also a really cool baptism. It was a little 9 year old kid. After the baptism, he wanted to say a few words to all those attending. "Brothers and sisters, I wanted to be baptized as a Mormon, because I want to follow the example of Thomas S. Monson... and become a prophet." It was sooo funny, haha.

Also, yesterday was terribly hot. We went with the sisters to get ice cream (we eat a lot of ice cream here) but all the places seemed to be closed. Everything here closes exactly when you need it.

Okay, pictures and I'll get out of your hair. 

Alrighty now. íLove you! bye.

-Elder Young

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