Tuesday, August 12, 2014

August 4, 2014

Hello! So we decided to try emailing later in the day, but apparently this library closes 20 minutes after we arrived here, so we'll make this snappy. 

We had the greatest week. Number-wise, it was the best week of my mission, seeing that we got one of those make-believe awards called Super Standard for the first time of my whole mission (When I told Elder Hansen that I hadn't ever gotten it, he said, "Oh, you will this week."). You just have to have good balance with all your numbers, so we set the goal and actually achieved it! Yay! 

Well, for working, we decided to try a new tracting area, since things had been going slow in our other places. We tried something fun- "accidentally" tract into the ward mission leader so that he thinks that we are hard workers. We did that, and started tracting his whole neighborhood, and it has worked out really well. They directed us to one of their neighbors who let us come back (let's not talk about the fact that they have yet to actually answer their door since then) and we found a couple interested people around there! 

Also, we have tried setting up and decorating a table in the main square area and talking to people there. It actually worked pretty well! I met a couple cute girls who gave us their email addresses (I guess I'm not good enough to get phone numbers, darn). There's a boost of self-esteem! 
We are meeting with a super awesome lady who started meeting last Sunday and really wants to get baptized and change her life! If all goes well- Aug. 30th

During the week, we got to go up to Budapest for interviews. On the way, we got stuck in the front of a huge traffic jam- a watermelon truck tipped over and there were smashed melons EVERYWHERE! And we had to wait there till they cleaned up the highway or something. Then I spotted an old friend in one of the semitrucks... the scary toilet paper man from a couple weeks ago! 

Funny story- In sunday school, there was a lesson about work and effort or something. The teacher talked about a man who married her friend, but doesn't work, or even look for work, he just sits at home and relies on others to help them get by, and she doesn't appreciate the way he treats her friend. "I try to be nice to him, but it's very hard..."
Also, there is a man who has started coming up to the branch house to church to reveal himself as Jesus Christ. He has done this a few times now. Well, I found out that this Jesus guy is the very same lazy husband. Yup, the teacher doesn't like him coming up here, haha.

Uhhh.... yup, I had a good week. I got a bunch of letters from Mom and Grandma Y and Mikes wedding announcement. k I gotta go bye love oyuű4 mithc

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