Tuesday, July 15, 2014

June 30, 2014

We had a great week this past week. 

Some cool experiences that we had:
There is a super cool lady that we teach. We started to go through all the commandments to prepare her for baptism (her date is in August). We reach the part about reading the scriptures. So, this nice lady tries to read from the Bible and Book of Mormon, but she says that the language is very hard. We told her about how if we read it more, and get used to it, then it's not as bad. We also explained that if we ask for help from God, then the Holy Ghost will help us understand more. Then we taught her about baptism, that we feel like she could be moved closer. She was not sure about that at all, and seemed pretty nervous. 

We have another investigator who is really interested, but still hadn't come to church, on account of his bus leaving either at 7, 2 hours before church (he lives in a little village 30 mins away) or at 9, after church starts. This week, we convinced him to come, and we met with him and a member and had breakfast at 8 at the branch house! 

Then, during sunday school, the lesson was on the Gift of the Holy Ghost. Both of our investigators were participating in the conversation. Our first investigator even mentioned during class that she will either be baptized "at the end of August, or sometime next month." Then she told an experience of how the missionaries explained to her the Holy Ghost and how He helps us understand the scriptures, and since then, she has been able to gain answers and help from reading!
Our second guy also loved to church and wants to come back! 

Some cool stories during the week. Some guy came up to the branch house while 2 member girls were there. He started banging on all the windows and yelling and scared the wits out of the members! 
While walking by the branch house we ran into this man. He was hysterical because he had to drop off a huge load of toilet paper and cleaning supplies, and nobody was in the branch house. It was an adventure trying to get all the stuff in, since this guy was absolutely crazy! Yup.

On Friday, we were walking down the street and some guy stopped us. "Are you Jesus Christ??" "No, we're just missionaries, that's all." "Wait... are you Jesus Christ??" and then his girlfriend was like, "So you're not Jesus Christ....? Well... do you have any money?" 
Then the next day, we ran into another guy right by the branch house. He was shirtless, wearing shorts and Homer Simpson slippers, stretching right outside the door of his apartment building. "I AM JESUS CHRIST! I AM THE REDEEMER!" Apparently earlier that day, he actually came up to the branch house and told some members that he was coming to church on sunday to reveal himself. He didn't come :( The prophecy was not true. 

We had a wonderful week. I wish I could tell you more about it, but I won't. 

have a wonderful time! 

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