Tuesday, July 15, 2014

June 10, 2014

Okay, we had a great week. It was a long one for sure, but a lot of good things have happened, and so that, I guess, is a good thing. 
Well, if we start with last Monday, after we emailed, we went bowling. Except it was weird Hungarian bowling where the ball is a lot smaller, there are no holes, and there are only 9 pins. It was really, really fun! 
After this, we parked our car at the branch house in anticipation for a program to teach 30 minutes later. Since we were not wearing church clothes, we were going to go home and change before our investigator got there, but we were suprised to find him arrive there right when we did, so we just taught him in our bowling gear (shirts and shorts). It was weirrrrd, but our friend had no idea that it wasn't normal, haha. 
To make things crazier, we got a call right at the end of the program. "Hey, Elder W. split his head open, we're at the hospital, we need you to come here and get something for us. K, bye." In this frantic situation, we didn't know where the hospital was, but luckily, there were 2 members and another investigator hanging out at the branch house, so we had to take them with us. Then, as we arrived at the hospital, we got another call. "Hey, no worries, you don't have to come." So we just drove back, and on the way back, we said a prayer, pulled out our scriptures, and taught a little lesson in the car, then Elder Thomas said a closing prayer as we pulled into the branch house parking lot. Normally, we're not supposed to have people in the car, but this was an extenuating circumstance, and we were able to use our time wisely anyway, haha. 
Next cool story. We were on our way to teach a lesson in the branch house, and this Nigerian guy came up to us and said that he used to meet with the missionaries in Ukraine, but had to leave (he lives in a refugee place now) and would like to know where the branch house is. So we just took him to our program with our other investigator. It was pretty cool, and our other investigator loved it! So that's that. 
The other day, we also were able to go on splits, and I went back to Pápa, which was my 2nd area! It was awesome to see people who I knew all the way back then, but to actually be able to talk to them! 
While we were at Institute there, the branch president explained something that blew my mind! We were talking about the sacrament, and he said that the different sizes for the bread and water trays are symbolic, because when the sheet is over them, it is supposed to represent Christ's body lying in the tomb. That was pretty interesting! 
Well, the best part of going back to Pápa was that we got to visit a family that I used to teach, who have since then gotten baptized! The whole lesson was a testimony meeting, and it was amazing to me to see that a whole family has been able to gain and strenthen their testimony, and that I was able to be a little part of it! It meant a lot to be able to hear their testimonies and share mine with them again. Also, the mom of that family loves to give kisses and doesn't care about the rules. She would keep hugging me and kissing me on the cheek, haha. 
Well, the p-day situation was kind of messed up this week. Yesterday was still the normal p-day monday, but because of Pentecost, all the stores and email places were closed, so I'm emailing today. Well, anyways, yesterday, we went to visit a castle kind of place! It was really pretty! Then, we explored the castle grounds, and there is a huuuge field outside full of huuuge gumdrop-shaped bushes, so we had a lot of fun there. 

Then we went back to the branch house later and played games in the "multipurpose room." We even used chairs to turn the room into a sort of pickelball court. 
At the end of the day, we were able to convince a member to come streeting with us. It was really fun! What is streeting? Streeting means that we go outside and talk to people on the street on the way to getting ice cream and back. We street a lot. 
Well, that's all I have. We had a really cool week.
God bless you all. The Church is true! 
Elder Young

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