Saturday, May 3, 2014

April 14, 2014

Hello! This was a fine week this week! 
We had a very interesting time last week after emailing. For our Pday on Tuesday, we went out to play soccer and explore the town. We were not in our church clothes, but we had a program at 6, and as the program approached, we had less and less time to go back home, change, and go to meet our investigator. Once it dawned on me that we didn't have enough time, I tried to cancel or postpone the appointment, and she got really offended, so instead we just rode the tram back with her (she lives around where we do) and invited a member who lives by and hung out at a park and played cards and talked, haha. I don't know if we are allowed to have lessons in shorts and t shirts, but we did this time, haha. But she was sooo mad at us for a while.
Then Elder Driggs had to pack, because he left to the Pest side! So on Wednesday, I got a new companion named Elder Dellenbach! He is a super cool guy and loves to work hard.   He has been in the country since September, and came in with one of my older companions, Elder Olsen (who I was with on Christmas). Although I am pretty sad that Elder Driggs is gone, I love having Dellenbach around. And the fact that he can actually speak the language is a plus, since I haven't equally shared teaching a lesson since November, haha. 
Balázs got his baptismal interview done on Wednesday as well. He was super happy, and we were able to plan out everything that he wants to happen at the service. I will be giving a talk about the Gift of the Holy Ghost, and it will be my first talk ever on my mission, so that is exciting! 
On thursday, we ran into 2 ladies of another faith. They were asking us what/how/when we celebrate Easter and things like that. They were talking about how important the death of Christ was, and they asked something like, "Do you celebrate His death or probably just His resurrection?" We replied with something like, "Why not both? His physical death saved us from our sins, but his resurrection saved us from death..." And they were like, "Hmmm, good point. But his death is more important because..." and we talked a little more, and were all very nice and cordial with each other, but we kind of felt sad that they only focus on death death death. I love that we believe in a risen Savior that lives.
Our English class went really well on thursday. We teach the high level class, and taught them card lingo, and then taught them how to play BS. Some people don't really speak that well, and didn't understand the rules... so it was funny trying to play haha. 
Friday, we had a Zone Training. There is a phrase that our mission president always says about missionary work. "Catch the Vision!" Well, we have some smart alec ZLs here, so they said that that is too casual. "It's too easy to justcatch the vision. We need to go for it! We need to Snatch the Vision!" So now we are striving for our "Snatch Standard" goals. 
Afterward, we had a great few lessons, with a different member to each one! We taught Szilvia about temples. It was hilarious because she can't keep on track with the lesson. We tried to tactically bring it back. When she started going off about dating, we'd say, "We know that dating is an important thing. It prepares us for an eternal marriage in the temple!" Then she'd go off on how she believes in guardian angels and how they help us. "Yes, guardian angels help us out and watch out for us. Did you know that we can help them back in the temple!" We had a fun time with that one, haha (I guess the members don't always help though).
Saturday was great. We challenged a few of our investigators who are struggling for answers to fast with us. One of them took us out to lunch, and even bought us ice cream! So good. Then we held a big ward Easter Concert, which was very interesting. A few of our investigators came and enjoyed it. 
Then on Sunday, we met with this guy named Zoli. He came up to me about a month ago and really wanted to be baptized, but can never meet. And, he has apparently been meeting off and on with missionaries for 8 years and knows nothing about the church. We taught him the plan of salvation, and he put his hand over the terrestrial and was adament that that was his place. After a while of getting frustrated, I told him that if he wants to go there, he probably shouldn't bother meeting with us, because this road only leads to celestial. Our sane friend explained that he received an answer from God that he can do whatever he wants, and then he will become a god and can party and chase women for the rest of eternity. My first thought was, "What religion does this guy believe in? Is he a Kolozsvárianist?" Then I told him to have fun in the telestial kingdom. 
Then I felt bad because while planning later that day,  I was thinking about how he should probably think differently if he wants to be baptized, my companion was pondering how we can help him feel the Spirit and learn more about the point of the Gospel. Oh, yeah... that stuff. 
Church was sooo good! Since our baptism on Saturday has yet to be planned, and the Ward Mission Leader is not in town, and one of our (legit) investigators suddenly decided that she wants to talk to the Bishop about baptism, and several investigators came, and we had to talk to all of them, and let my new companion get to know members, we were all over the place yesterday after sacrament, and pretty late to sunday school, haha. But all of our investigators loved church, and 3 of them fasted with us! They really want to gain answers to their prayers! It's amazing when we promise someone that things will work out better when they do things like that, and then after church, they tell you how much better everything went! One of our investigators has been super busy and stressed lately, and has only come to church twice in 9 months of investigating came to church and fasted yesterday, and told us later that it was definitely worth it and things were already getting better! 
Then, at the end of the day yesterday, we met with Balázs, who is getting baptized on Saturday. The TV wasn't working very well, so we had to watch the Restoration in black and white. We invited a member we didn't know very well and it went so good! We related Balázs's story to Joseph Smith's. It was a really good program. 
Then I practiced cooking a new dish that I make at home sometimes. I have a few Hungarian foods that are super delicious. Speaking of food, not too long ago, I found out my departure plans for the end of the mission. I guess right now, the plan is for us to come on the actual day of thanksgiving. How sweet would that be? I'd get home around 4, and then we could have a big feast!!! 
Other than that, I've been doing really well. I hope that you guys are alright. Is there any news with the house business? I heard that Jason might have to stay another 6 weeks for technical difficulties. Here are some pictures of the last couple weeeks:
1. Birthday cake at the stake president's house.

2. Watching Nacho Libre at our favorite Mexican restaurant.

3. Gringos Amigos. 

4. Elder Dellenbach. He's like 2 months older than Jason.... that's sooo weirdddd!!!

5. All my sisters dying!!! They're long gone now.

6. Taking advantage of hula hoops we find in our apartment building. 

7. The coolest building in the world.

8. This one's for Aunt Linda

9. Watching the Restoration movie in black and white.

Love you all! Keep of the good work with whatever you're doing! 
Elder Young

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