Monday, March 18, 2013

February 25, 2013

So you say I will do great showing the area... haha... funny story. On Friday, my companion and I wanted to take a train from Budapest to Érd, where we live. We usually take one that goes in the direction of Székesfehérvár, a town about an hour away, and just get off on the Érd stop. But we actually got on the non-stop train, so we were trapped on the train for quite a while! But we did get to have dinner with the elders over there, so it was a pretty fun adventure. I just have no idea how to get anywhere, I guess, haha.

My new companion is a pretty cool guy too. Since my trainer was "promoted" to Zone Leader, I'm now with Elder Judd, who has been here since June or July. I'm pretty excited because he's newer, so I'll probably get more chance to speak and practice my Hungarian a lot more. Of course, its a little lame because on P-days, Bracken would always want to explore places and do cool things, and all Judd wants to do is play basketball! Yuck!

In terms of the missionary work here, things are going pretty well! It's hard since we have a new senior companion, its tough trying to set everything up because I don't speak well enough to plan with members and investigators, and nobody knows my companion yet, haha. We had pretty much all our appointments cancelled last week, and Judd got pretty sick for a couple days, so things have been going pretty slow. But we have been setting up with everyone this week, so hopefully the work will pick back up! I'm feeling optimistic about this transfer! 

Yup, nothing really too new has been going on here. I did cut my own hair for the first time, and my comp taught be how to make Rakott Krumpli, which might be the most delicious food of all time! So you can all be proud of me now. 

Well, I'm pretty much out of information to give and ask from you. Everything is going really well, and we're working hard! I'll add some pictures too.


Elder Young

1. There was a Farsang (like Halloween) party, and so Elder Judd and I went as each other.

2. Judd reading a large Valentine card

3. Chelsea Gehring sent me a Tie shaped letter, so I wore it

A weeks worth of milk, haha.

Martonvásár castle!

Beethoven statue

English class 

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